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Save up to 77% and secure your online activity with 3 amazing VPN offers [Deals]


Here at Cult of Mac Deals, we rely on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) for ensuring that our online activity stays private, browsing securely even on public Wi-Fi, and accessing any app or video no matter where we are in the world. To that end, we’ve put together a collection of deals on some of our favorite ones. Keep reading to see which ones get our stamp of approval, and save up to 77%.

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Corners, Probably The Most Minimal iPhone ‘Case’ Available


Remember the Radius? It was an iPhone case so minimal that it was almost invisible when viewed from anywhere but the back, and weighed in at just 4.4 grams, a weight too light to even register on the scale of ounces [1]

The Corners 4 somehow manages to be even more minimal than the Radius, ditching that heavy x-shaped brace on the back and just putting a little round puck on each corner of the iPhone.

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Ballistic Smooth Series For iPad Mini: A Good Balance Between Looks & Protection [Review]


Made from durable thermoplastic polyurethane, the Ballistic Smooth Series case for iPad mini aims to provide even the clumsiest of owners with all the protection they’ll need for their beloved tablet. And it does so without adding too much bulk.

Smooth Series by Ballistic
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad mini
Price: $39.99

“Your new iPad mini is a sleek and sexy piece of technology, we want to make sure you can keep it that way,” Ballistic says. “We developed the Ballistic Smooth Series case for the iPad mini. This case offers the best of both worlds, it is slim but still offers a lot of protection from the hazards of daily use.”

The Smooth Series comes in four colors — black, hot pink, charcoal, and purple — all of which include four sets of replaceable corner bumpers in a variety of different colors, so you can customize its look to suit you. It’s priced at $39.99, so let’s find out whether it’s worth it.

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AppleCare Under Fire In Europe Again As Watchdog Files Complaint Against Apple’s Marketing

Did you know that EU law covers Apple products for a minimum of two years?

Did you know that EU law covers Apple products for a minimum of two years?

Apple’s AppleCare Protection Plan has come under fire once again in Europe after Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats, a Belgian consumer watchdog, filed a complaint against the way in which the Cupertino company markets the product in Europe.

Customers within the European Union are entitled to a free two-year warranty with any consumer electronics purchase, but Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats claims that Apple’s warranty marketing doesn’t properly explain these rights to Belgian shoppers.

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The Best iPhone Cases & Protectors [Best Of]

Cases iphone the best

Ideally, we’d all carry our iPhones as God intended — naked. But just as our pink and delicate human bodies need protection from the elements, so does the iPhone. Sometimes all it needs is a skimpy Speedo, other times a full suit of body armor, but you can be sure there’s a case for every occasion. Here’s our roundup of the best iPhone cases out there.

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Computer Carved Case Gives The iPad Wood


The Woodero is a slightly different take on the wooden iPad case. Instead of a solid sleeve (like several Bamboo cases we have seen) or a Moleskine-like book (like the baltic birch-frame Pad & Quill), it works like a cross between a pencil case and a desk drawer. It also looks rather impractical.

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Win A Free iPad or iPhone Cleaning Pack From Mobile Cloth [Giveaway]

Win A Free iPad or iPhone Cleaning Pack From Mobile Cloth [Giveaway]

Fingerprint smudges. You probably hate them just as much as we do, but the solution to avoiding them has eluded iPhone users for the past 5 years. Well if you can’t avoid them entirely, you can at least get rid of them in style with your own personalized screen cleaning cloth from Mobile Cloth.  Considering it only cost $6.99 for a pack of two, the Mobile Cloth is a very effective screen cleaner. A quick polish with the cloth removes all the gunk which is much more effective than wiping it on your jeans or tshirt — my previous preferred method of cleaning my iPhone. You don’t even need to use water (unless the grot is completely dried on).

The Mobile Cloth is made from a unique microfiber material, with the fibers split and woven into “nubs” that act like tiny “suction cups,” pulling grease and germs away from the screen, according to the company. What sets Mobile Cloth apart from competitors is the company’s ability to quickly print and ship personalized clothes with your image on them (ordering a pack of 200 personalized cloths retails for $359).

Today we’re giving away 10 packs of two Mobile Cloths to our Twitter followers.

Here’s how to enter:

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F-Secure Releases Anti-Virus For Mac, But Do You Need It? [Review}

As any fan-boy (myself included) will testify, Macs don’t get viruses – or rather, that’s what we used to say…

With the popularity of the Macintosh platform at the highest it’s ever been, we are no longer as immune to cyber attacks as we could once claim. Only last week the ill intentioned ‘Mac Defender’ virus raged chaos on Macs the world over. The question of Mac security has raised its head once again – and this time, we might actually need to pay attention…

  • Image ShiStock/”

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