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Favi Pico+, A Battery-Powered Projector With AirPlay [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bugThe FAVI pico+ projector is just another little battery-powered “beamer,” a DLP projector that can be kept in a pocket and used to throw photos and video from your iPhone or iPad up onto the wall. But this one has a neat extra – the built-in Wi-Fi radio ands AirPlay support, so the only cable you’ll need is the charger to keep the thing going.

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Projecteo, The Tiniest, Cutest (And Only) Instagram Projector In The Whole Wide World [Kickstarter]

The Projecteo is pretty frikkin’ awesome. It’s a teeny-tiny projector that throws an image from a little circle of film up onto the wall of a darkened room.

The interchangeable disks are loaded with cut-down 35mm film stock, and each one can fit on nine of your amazing Instagrams.

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The World’s Tiniest Police Chase Shot Using iPhones And Pico Projectors

Take some iPhones (or iPod touches), a few tiny pico projectors and a whole lot of hard work and talent, mix with a Canon 5D and an HD cam, and you might end up with something resembling The Speed of Light, an mazing animation by The Theory.

Oh, and you might need a couple of toy cars, too.

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