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Why the iPad could be your next home theater


“Help me, Tim Cook, you’re my only hope.”

In an age in which the latest movies can be watched on your iPad or even iPhone, it’s questionable exactly what the point of going to an actual movie theater is. Unless you’re a fan of seeing movies projected, that is.

Well, soon Apple may be set to disrupt Hollywood in that area too — at least if you believe a patent published on Tuesday.

Describing a Video Delivery System Using Tablet Computer and Detachable Micro Projectors, the application asserts that future iPads may feature one or two detachable projectors, which users would clip onto (or otherwise sync with) their iOS devices to turn their front rooms, office walls, or even the back of a train seat into a miniature screening room.

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Favi Pico+, A Battery-Powered Projector With AirPlay [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bugThe FAVI pico+ projector is just another little battery-powered “beamer,” a DLP projector that can be kept in a pocket and used to throw photos and video from your iPhone or iPad up onto the wall. But this one has a neat extra – the built-in Wi-Fi radio ands AirPlay support, so the only cable you’ll need is the charger to keep the thing going.

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Projecteo, The Tiniest, Cutest (And Only) Instagram Projector In The Whole Wide World [Kickstarter]

The Projecteo is pretty frikkin’ awesome. It’s a teeny-tiny projector that throws an image from a little circle of film up onto the wall of a darkened room.

The interchangeable disks are loaded with cut-down 35mm film stock, and each one can fit on nine of your amazing Instagrams.

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The World’s Tiniest Police Chase Shot Using iPhones And Pico Projectors

The World’s Tiniest Police Chase Shot Using iPhones And Pico Projectors

Take some iPhones (or iPod touches), a few tiny pico projectors and a whole lot of hard work and talent, mix with a Canon 5D and an HD cam, and you might end up with something resembling The Speed of Light, an mazing animation by The Theory.

Oh, and you might need a couple of toy cars, too.

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