4 clever things you can do with a burner phone number [Deals]

KeepSolid offers 3 fully encrypted phone lines or
KeepSolid offers 3 fully encrypted phone lines or "burner numbers", no contract required
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When you think about it, a phone number can be a liability — you can be reached by anyone who punches the right digits into their phone. It’s an identifying number, a source of spam, a potential avenue for identity theft or even harassment. That’s why separate “burner” numbers are gaining popularity. You probably have a junk email address, why not something similar for your phone number? Here are 4 reasons you might consider getting a burner number, followed by a couple ways you can actually get one.

This one weird website will cause your smartphone to crash


Smartphone owners are, presumably, furious.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Watch out for people sending you links to the website CrashSafari dot com, which is causing smartphones and PCs around the world to crash by overloading their browsers with a self-generating address bar text string that causes devices to stop responding.

Although the name refers to Apple’s default browser for Mac and iOS devices, the website also causes Android devices running Chrome to slow down and, in some cases, to actually heat up.

iPad giveaway prank proves you shouldn’t ignore Terms and Conditions


Just agree -  everyone's doing it.
Just agree - everyone's doing it.
Photo: Apple

Despite the fact that they frequently contain things we should be concerned about, it’s rare that we pay much (if any) attention to what we’re agreeing to when we hit “Accept” on the Terms & Conditions section of some new app we’ve downloaded.

However, a fun viral video by YouTube prankster Jena Kingsley shows why we should read a bit more carefully, with members of the public unknowingly “agreeing” to do everything from adopting a child (who’s standing right there!) to giving up an organ — all in the name of trying to win an iPad.

Check it out below:

iWatch prank shows how badly Apple fans want to believe



Late night show host and habitual Apple-prankster, Jimmy Kimmel, toasted Apple’s successful earnings report last night with a hilarious iWatch prank that shows just how deliciously potent the Apple Kool-Aid really is.

After tossing in a few jabs at the iPhone 6’s bloating screen size, Kimmel took to the streets to see if Apple fans love for the brand would magically turn a cheap calculator watch into the Apple iTime smartwatch.

If you thought people wouldn’t be fooled by a $20 Casio watch with an Apple sticker on the back, especially after Kimmel has already pulled this prank like 37 times, you’re wrong.

This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Drop An iMac Down A Mall Escalator? [Video]



What would happen if you took a beautiful, brand new iMac and “accidentally” dropped it in front of a bunch of strangers? Would they weep with you, or would they just laugh on by while calling you a bumbling idiot?

One guy thought it’d be a great prank to walk around the mall with an iMac box, and drop it in front of crowds, just to see what the reaction would be. He didn’t just drop it, though. He flung it down escalators. Tossed it into the trunk of his car. And knocked it off the top of a roof, and then tried to take the iMac box back to the Apple Store.

Check out the video below to see people’s reactions when the most beautiful computer in the universe gets clumsily destroyed.