If Jony Ive designed furniture, it would look like this


Photo: Klaus Geiger
Photo: Klaus Geiger

For the last decade or so, Apple has made some of the most beautifully designed devices on the planet. But because those devices are technology, not furniture or art, they have an incredibly short half-life in our home. Yet these are still classic designs that, in any other context, we might keep around for decades.

That’s why I like this bench built by Klaus Geiger.

Slam Dunk: Power Mac G5 Panel Morphs into Basketball Backboard


CoM reader Paul sent us these pics of his office where the IT department shoots hoops on a backboard with an Apple logo.

After the cardboard backboard from the Nerf caved in under one too many slam dunks, Paul had a brainwave:

“As we were scrapping an old PowerMac G5 for parts, I realized that we could recycle the door to become our new heavy  backboard.  Two short screws were used to attach the plastic bracket to the door and another two longer ones to go into the concrete pillar in the office wall.”