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AccessIO Brings All Your iMac’s Ports To The Front [Kickstarter]


Kickstarters are like wonderful, vivid dreams that you’re never quite sure are real, and constantly terrified that you’re suddenly going to wake up from, with nothing to show for it. That’s why I usually don’t write them up: even if a Kickstarter is fully funded, you’re never sure if it’s going to come to market as planned, or not be a steaming pile when it does.

I’m making an exception for the AccessIO, though. It corrects a major design issue I’ve had with the iMac pretty much forever: it’s impossible to reach its ports. AccessIO brings your iMac USB and headphone jack to the front of the device, where they belong.

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XCOM Is Coming To Mac, Now Go Kill Some Aliens


One of the best games of last year — XCOM: Enemy Unknown — is coming to the Mac, allowing Mac gamers for the first time to tactically repel a full-on invasion of the planet Earth, one turn at a time.

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