Which new Apple product gets you most excited? [Poll]


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All of Apple's gadgets are about to get updated.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is set to deliver its biggest keynote of the year on September 7, when the company will unveil its most important new product of 2016: the iPhone 7.

Apple Watch 2, new MacBook Pros and updated iPads are likely on the horizon as well, so we wanted to know if this is the year you’re looking forward to something other than a new iPhone?

Tell us which Apple product you’re most excited about in our reader poll.

Which Apple Watch version will you buy?


Pre-orders for the Apple Watch start on April 10th, but if you’re anything like us, you probably already know which Apple Watch you’re going to buy.

I’ve got my heart set on the Apple Watch Sport murdered out in space grey with a black sport band, even though the stainless steel Apple Watch is a little cheaper than I was expecting. Some of the Cult of Mac staff are still debating which timepiece they’ll be purchasing, but we want to hear from you, the readers, which Apple Watch version do you plan to buy?

Apple Wins Best Tablet, Mobile Phone, and Computer Brand Of The Year. Again.


Yep! All. Three. Categories.
Yep! All. Three. Categories.

Market research firm Harris Interactive conducts a fairly extensive poll each year in the area of consumer electronic brands. This year, Apple again took the top spot in three major categories, named the best brand of tablet, computer, and mobile phone. The iPad, Mac, and iPhone scored the best across an array of specific brand markers, like brand recognition, emotional response to the brand, and purchasing consideration.

The iPhone 5: Everything You Wanted Or A Major Disappointment? [Poll]


The iPhone 5 is going to be huge.
How do you feel about this?

Apple’s iPhone 5 is almost everything we expected it to be. If you’ve been following the rumor mill in recent months, it’s probably safe to assume everything you saw at yesterday’s event regarding the iPhone, you already knew. But does that make the iPhone 5 any less incredible? With its 4-inch display, A6 processor, improved cameras, and LTE connectivity, could you label iPhone 5 “disappointing” because there are no surprises?

I don’t think I could, but I’d like to hear what you think. Leave your answer below.

Does The iPhone 5 Feature Anything You Wish You Had On Your Android Device?



Apple released the iPhone 5 today, and while it put the majority of us to sleep, we can’t help but think there HAS to be at least one feature of the iPhone 5 that you wish you had. Yes, I realize we already have over 90% of them already, but what about its PPI? There has to be something? I’ve put together a poll with a few of the possibilities, so put in your vote, and if there’s something else you can think of, throw it in the comments.