Pocket 5.0 Introduces Highlights, A New Way To Help You Find Stuff To Read



Pocket, the service formerly known as Read It Later, announced a new version of its mobile and desktop apps today. Version 5.0 introduces what Pocket is calling “Highlights,” a new method for discovering articles inside the app.

The user interface has also been simplified to make the experience of using the app smoother, and Pocket has added a new side navigation bar and the ability to bulk edit lists of items.

Instapaper Updated For iPad, Finally Rivals Pocket Again



Instapaper was once the king of the read later services, but was usurped by fuller-featured upstarts with better features and more liberal sharing policies (Instapaper, unlike Pocket, has no IFTTT triggers for instance). But it is slowly pulling itself back into the future, and this latest iPad update adds support for video and a new Browse function.

Is this enough to pull me back to Instapaper from Pocket? Actually yes, but not for the reason you think.

Words App Puts Instapaper, Pocket, RSS On Your Desktop



Maybe I’m a big dummy, but I always thought that the whole point of “read later” apps was that you could shunt long-form articles off the desktop and onto a device that was better suited for reading for extended periods. After all, on the desktop a combination of bookmarks and Safari’s Reader view takes care of things.

But what do I know? Clearly there’s a place for reader apps on the Mac, and the $10 Words looks to be a very nice example.

Pocket For iOS 7 Adds Background Syncing, Improved Reading Experience



Pocket has received its big iOS 7 update. The app already looked pretty iOS 7-friendly to begin with, so the design tweaks in today’s update are more subtle. It’s likely that you won’t even notice them on an iOS 7 device. The biggest additions are what Pocket is calling Instant Sync and a more fine-tuned reading experience.