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Now with trailers, Plex’s latest app update turns your iPad or iPhone into a movie theater

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If I had to list the apps I couldn’t live without, Plex would be high up on the list. Think of it like a Netflix for your local video. A multimedia server client for Mac with a slick iOS app, Plex allows you to stream your local television shows and movies on demand to any device on your local WiFi network, or even away from home. It even works on the Apple TV.

Now, Plex for iOS version 3.5 is here, and it brings some cool new features to the already feature-packed app, including the ability to play movie trailers before your movie!

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Plex Adds Automatic Camera Roll Upload Feature

Plex Adds Automatic Camera Roll Upload Feature

Personal media organizer Plex has just received a major iOS update.

The biggest new feature offered by the update is the automatic upload of camera roll photos to your media server, provided that you have a Plex Pass subscription (available at $3.99 per month, $29.99 per year, or $74.99 for life).

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Wave Of New Apps Gives Chromecast Awesome New Powers


Google has today announced that an additional ten applications for Android and iOS now support Chromecast streaming. VEVO, Red Bull.TV, Songza, and more have been updated to allow users to enjoy news, sports, and music on their $35 dongle.

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Plex Gets iOS 7 Overhaul, New Media Player, And More


Essential media player application Plex is now out in a new version for iOS users — adding support for the latest firmware along with a refreshed media component.

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Plex For iPhone, iPad Drops To $1.99 For A Limited Time [Deals]


You know what everyone should do if they have an Apple TV? Install Plex, the incredible media server that can stream any digital media file on your Mac to your Apple TV, no jailbreak required.

I’m dead serious: Plex is awesome, and installing it on my Mac has been a total game changer in regards to the way I watch media in my own house. From my Apple TV, my MacBook Air, my iPad or my iPhone, I can stream my entire video library anywhere with no hassle.

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Plex Media Player Comes To Apple TV, No Jailbreak Required


The popular Plex media player that allows users to stream content from their computer to another device is now available on the Apple TV. The new app called PlexConnect is compatible with second- and third-generation devices, and it does not require a jailbreak for installation.

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Plex Media Center App Gets Hacked To Run On Jailbroken AppleTVs


Well, what do you know: the guys over at Plex, who make one of my favorite media center apps for the Mac, have jailbroken their second-gen AppleTV and managed to get the Plex client up and running on the little $99 box.

The proof of concept’s a little rough around the edges, but once this is polished up, it could be a huge boon for AppleTV owners hoping to expand their box’s capabilities. Sure, you still need to stream your media from a paired Mac, but Plex supports a lot more codecs than AirPlay. I can’t wait to see this project progress.