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Ulysses 3, A Text Editor From The Future [Review]


Ulysses 3 by Soulmen
Category: Text Editor
Works With: Mac
Price: $40

Ulysses 3 is a superstar text editor which takes a whole new approach to, well, to editing text. I love it – it’s my favorite new piece of software in a long time – but there are one or two gotchas which could stop me using it full-time to write posts for the web.

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Roll Your Own Automatic Markdown Journal With IFTTT, Drafts, Instagram And Dropbox [How To]

Journal Header

It mightn’t look like much, but this will be the best journal you ever kept.

There are many, many ways to keep a journal using your various iDevices, or paper, or even — if you’re desperate — your Android phone. (Kidding — a sharpie turns the back of any Android handset into the perfect paper-emulation device.) But they tend to be either high on effort — manually writing up everything yourself — or somewhat proprietary, keeping all your info inside an app or service.

But thanks to the ever-amazing internet automating service IFTTT (If This Then That), and some new channels, it’s now possible to roll your own plain-journal, pulling from various sources automatically. And it even includes pictures, which is quite a trick for plain text.

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Folding Text 1.0 In Mac App Store — The Future Of Plain Text

Folding Text 1.0 In Mac App Store — The Future Of Plain Text

Plain text geeks, prepare for nerdgasm: Jesse Grosjean’s Folding Text app is out of beta and in the Mac App Store. Folding Text, as you may remember, is a Markdown-compatible plain text editor with special superpowers.

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Alfred Extension Lets You Update A Text File Notepad In The Background


This is how we did todo lists in the good old days

Another day, another cool thing you can do with Alfred. This time it’s updating a text file of your choice, without having to leave Alfred’s friendly text input window.

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