CarPlay is still on track to arrive in 2014



Apple consolidated the lineup of CarPlay partners on its website Tuesday morning and left off mention of 2014 availability, leading some Apple fans to conclude that launch of the iOS-in-your-car functionality would be delayed. However, Cult of Mac has learned that there was no hidden reason behind the site change this morning, and that CarPlay is still on track.

Sources at Apple told us speculation that “Apple is no longer promising CarPlay support from any auto manufacturer this year as it has done since its debut in March” is far off and inaccurate. CarPlay has been supported since iOS 7.1 and many manufacturers are still on track to roll out CarPlay integration this year.

In fact, you can already spot CarPlay in the wild.

Rekordbox Goes Mobile: Pioneer’s Ultimate Music Management Tool For DJs



DJs have one more tool to add to their set thanks to Pioneer and its Rekordbox app for Android and iOS. Just like the desktop software, Recordbox for mobile allows users to manage music files, which can be played back on a Pioneer DJ Player. Many professional DJs have turned to Rekordbox for their music management needs and the mobile app extends this functionality by allowing users to:

New Pioneer Blu-Ray Players Come With Remote Control iOS App



You might not be able to watch a Blu-Ray DVD on your Mac, but Pioneer’s just unveiled a new line of 3D Blu-Ray players which not only feature DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD surround as well as 1080p video upscaling… but come with a new app called iControlAV that will allow you to control your new Pioneer player from the comfort of your iDevice. If you want one, it’ll cost you somewhere between $299 and $499.