The Real Pinocchio Comes Home With Interactive iPad Storybook [Sponsored Post]



This post is brought to you by Alex&Rovich, publisher of the RealPinocchio app.

Although everyone knows Pinocchio, to most people in the English-speaking world at least, he is the doe-eyed cartoon puppet who’s “got no strings” in the animated Disney movie made in 1940. Since then, there has not been a faithful rendition of Carlo Collodi‘s world-famous wooden creation, who first appeared in an Italian newspaper serial in 1881 and then a children’s novel two years later. This is something of a travesty for Pinocchio, who in his original appearances was a free-spirited and willful marionette, a “truant and a vagabond.”

RealPinocchio is a new app that restores the original story of the genuine Pinocchio. And the famous book is now finally interactive.