Is Apple wasting its time trying to fight Snapchat? [Friday Night Fights]


Apple has tried to fight the social networks before.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s next big venture could be to go head-to-head with Snapchat and similar content-sharing services. The company is expected to integrate new video features into iOS that would be developed by the engineers behind Final Cut and iMovie.

Friday Night Fights bug But is this a good idea? Apple failed miserably when it tried to take on social networks before, and some would argue that many of its products already suffer as a result of its expansion into new areas.

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight as we battle it out over whether Apple is wasting its time trying to fight Snapchat.

You Can Now Send Your Friends iTunes Credits As “Gifts” Over Facebook



Apple and Facebook haven’t had the most loving relationship ever. There was that time that Facbeook wouldn’t let them integrate Facebook Connect into Ping. And then Apple got them back by integrating Twitter into iOS before even talking to Facebook about it.

Things might have gotten a little bit better between the two companies though after Apple put Facebook into the core of iOS 6. Now delicious little fruits are springing out of their relationship, the latest of which, let’s Facebook users give their friends iTunes credits as a “gift.”

Apple Isn’t Buying Failed Social Network Color, They’re Just Hiring The Guys Who Made It



A flurry of rumors have surrounded the failed video app start-up Color over the past 24 hours. First a rumors hit that Color was going to completely shutdown after failing to gain widespread use after a year. A few hours later a second rumor claimed that Color wasn’t shutting down, they were just being bought by Apple.

It appears that both rumors were completely wrong and sort of right at the same time. Color – as a company – isn’t being purchased by Apple for an eight figure sum, but Apple is buying Color’s team of 20 engineers for a modest figure of $2 million to $5 million.

Apple To Kill Off Ping Once And For All September 30th


Bye bye, Ping.
Bye bye, Ping.

It was only a matter of time before Ping, Apple’s failed iTunes music discovery tool, was sent to its grave. Following the released of iTunes 10.7 earlier today, Apple has revealed that Ping will be officially discontinued on September 30th.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ping has gained little to no traction since its release back in 2010. Apple’s webpage for Ping has also disappeared, indicating that the Cupertino company is ready to move on.

Apple Investing In Twitter? [Report]


These do look pretty cool together.
These do look pretty cool together.

Ping never had a chance, but a recent report may show the way to Apple’s eventual success in the social media space. According to a report in The New York Times, “people briefed on the matter” say that Apple has been talking with the social media startup about making a strategic investment.

The numbers bandied about include an Apple investment stake of hundreds of millions of dollars, which might in turn increase Twitter’s high valuation of around $8.4 billion to a nicer-looking $10 billion.