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Pushpin Reclaims iOS Pinboard Crown With Awesome 3.0 Update

Today brings a big update for users of Pushpin, the already-excellent Pinboard bookmarking client for iOS. V 3.0 brings a sweet iOS-friendly look (it really does look great), plus a proper iPad interface, plus… well, a lot. Let’s taker a quick look.

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Pincase, A Pretty Sociable iOS Pinboard App


Pincase is yet another great Pinboard client for iOS. It’s $2, it’s universal, and it is ready for iOS 7. Oh, and it looks lovely too. What more could you need for managing and reading your bookmarks. What? You want more? Okay…

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Paperback Is An Ultra-Clean Read-Later Service Based On Pinboard

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.12.59

Paperback is a minimal read-later service that uses your Pinboard account as a source for articles. Any time you check the “Read Later” box when saving bookmarks to your Pinboard account, these items are added to a rudimentary queue. Paperback uses this list to provide you with a nice, clean, Instapaper-like web view of these links.

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Shiori Is A Simple iOS7-Inspired Pinboard App For Mac

Shiori Is A Simple iOS7-Inspired Pinboard App For Mac

If you use Pinboard (and if you don’t, you should), then you might also consider using a Mac app to save and browse all those achieved bookmarks. Which brings us to Shiori, a very plain-yet-pretty iOS 7-inspired Mac app for your Pinboard.

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Get Beautiful WordPress Themes From Themify [Deals]

CoM - Themify 2

Have you ever wanted to start a blog? Do you have an idea that you’d like to get on the web but don’t know where to begin in terms of design? Have you ever wanted to get a website up and running? Perhaps you’re looking for a new theme to change up your current design?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions…keep at it because thanks to this Cult of Mac Deals offer for only $29 you can choose any two WordPress themes of your liking.

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Why You Should Be Using A Bookmarking Service On Your iPad Or Mac [Feature]


Pinboard: It’s not pretty, but it works.

Remember bookmarks? It’s how we used to save sites to go back to later. In theory anyway. Browser bookmark search was pretty terrible, and you had to remember the name of the site to find it again. So we mostly just used Google to search for a site every time we wanted to go there.

And then came

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Pinbook Updated With Tag Browsing, Editing, Added Awesomeness


If you’re not using Pinboard, you clearly love losing your bookmarks. Forever.

Pinbook is an excellent iOS client for the excellent paid anti-social bookmarking service Pinboard. Imagine if had never been sold to Yahoo and had instead started charging money to keep your bookmarks tagged and organized online. Further, imagine that the developer kept a Twitter stream that read something like the crotchety ramblings of your drunken (and outspoken) uncle. That service would be Pinboard.

The (non-affiliated) Pinbook client has just been updated to v1.3, and with the update come some fantastic new features. Let’s take a look:

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ThumbTack Menu Widget Puts Your Pinboard Links In Easy Reach [Review]


ThumbTack is a Menu Bar utility for OS X that puts your most recent Pinboard bookmarks in easy reach, no matter what application you’re using.

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