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You Are The Anti-Katamari In Giant Boulder of Death [Review]

Giant Boulder of Death

I’ve played as a lot of things in my gaming career. I’ve been vampires, I’ve been space marines, and there was even a brief time back in 1993 where I was a walking circle with sunglasses. I’ve never played as a rock, though, so developer PikPok’s latest offering, Giant Boulder of Death, intrigued me right away.

Giant Boulder of Death by PikPok
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

The makers of the Erasure-loving endless runner Robot Unicorn Attack series have moved the camera around to the back to create an “endless roller” of sorts in which players control a giant boulder on a mission of revenge.

The plot — yes, there is one — is that the denizens of the village below the boulder’s mountain have stolen his girlfriend (a slightly smaller boulder with a bow) and used “her” to make a statue of their local military hero. Boulder immediately swears vendetta, freeing himself from the mountaintop on which he is precariously perched and setting off on a rampage of rolling crushery.

It’s pretty much as fun as it sounds.

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DreamWorks Dragons Brings The Lovable Toothless To iOS In Physics-Based Puzzler

DreamWorks Dragons Brings The Lovable Toothless To iOS In Physics-Based Puzzler

Toothless the fire-breathing dragon comes to iOS is a fun, physics-based puzzle game from PikPok.

My kids fell in love with Toothless, the lovable fire-breathing dragon, after watching DreamWorks’s hit 2010 animation How To Train Your Dragon. Today he makes his debut on iOS in DreamWorks Dragons: TapDragonTap, a colorful physics-based puzzle game from development studio PikPok.

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