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Wrangle Your Whole Family’s Photos Into One Place Automatically Using Photosync 2.0 [How To]

Set this once, and all your iPhone pictures will be auto-filed whenever you arrive home.

Set this once, and all your iPhone pictures will be auto-filed whenever you arrive home.

This post is as much for our Dear Leader Leander Kahney as much as it is for you, our wonderful and ever-curious reader. It solves a problem Leander struggled with for a full thirty seconds before tossing it to us minions in the Cult of Mac HipChat room.

The problem: How to get all the photos snapped by Leander’s twelve or so children into the same Photo Stream on the main family iMac.

For the solution, read on. Hint: it doesn’t need Photo Stream, and it uses a great feature of PhotoSync v2.0.

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PhotoSync 2.0 Adds Fifty New Features, Most Of Them Awesome


PhotoSync is one of the most used apps on my iDevices. It lets you share photos between iOS devices, as well as from iOS-to-Mac (and PC), and it’ll do so over your Wi-Fi network, or automatically over Bluetooth (with no configuration).

v2 has jsut been released as a free update to existing users. I’ve been using the beta for a month or so, and it is awesome.

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I’m Ditching The iPad For Work And Going Back To The Mac [Opinion]


Bye-bye sweet iPad blogging setup… For now.

As I never tire of telling people, I do all my work using an iPad. Research, communication, writing and photo editing – all of these are now second nature for me on both the iPad mini and the full-sized iPad 3. I love the portability, I love the stripped-down “workflow” which lets me get stuff done way faster than I can on the Mac, mostly due to lack of OS X’s inherent distractions.

In fact, I am so happy with the iPad as a work machine that I thought that I’d never buy another Mac. I figured that, by the time my iMac died, iOS would have caught up with most of the “truck” tasks I still need to do: keeping a big photo library, running a BitTorrent client.

So why am I writing this post on a brand-new MacBook Air? One thing: My arm is fucking killing me.

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