How to search your photos by objects and scenery in macOS Sierra


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Searching your photos just got easier!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is giving its Photos app a massive overhaul for macOS Sierra, adding cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to make searching for individual pictures far, far smarter than it’s ever been before.

The Photos app can now search upward of 4,432 scenes and objects, letting you pull just the pictures shot in your backyard, for instance, or only those that include your car. Although the feature’s not working in Apple’s beta releases just yet, the finished version of macOS Sierra also promises to recognize seven different facial expressions — including greediness, disgust, smiles, neutral, surprise, screaming and suspicious.

Here’s how to use Apple’s smart photo search when running the new operating system, which is currently in public beta and will be released this fall.

How to get macOS Sierra to display your photos on a world map


Sierra Maps
A new way to scan through your photos!
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One of the neatest new additions to macOS Sierra is the increased focus on photos. Using the in-built Photos app, it’s now easier than ever to relive your most cherished memories with nifty features like the ability to display all your photos on a world map — presenting a different way to access your pics.

Here’s how to do it using the new operating system, which is currently in public beta and will be released this fall.

Snapchat and NFL team up for first Discover sports channel


Are you ready for some football?
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The NFL season is set to kick off in just over a month and Snapchat is ready to give users their weekly dose of pig skin action with the first ever Discover sport channel.

Snapchat’s partnership with the NFL comes a year after the two combined to create Live Stories surrounding NFL games. With the new Discover channel, football fans will be able to view headlines hot topics, and inside access videos for all 256 regular season games.

Former Apple engineers build app to take on iCloud


iCloud offers lots of great things to Mac users.
iCloud has a new rival.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s iCloud platform is getting fresh competition this week from some of its former engineers who want to completely change the way content is stored on your iPhone.

Co-founded by Bertrand Serlet, former senior VP of software engineering at Apple, the new startup called Upthere is launching its first iOS app that allows users to store digital photos in Upthere’s cloud that was custom made to be screaming fast.

How to search for people, places and things in iOS 10 Photos


photos in ios 10
The Photos app is even greater in iOS 10.
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Apple stole a great idea from Google for its improved Photos app in iOS 10, and that’s the ability to search for people, places and things. It makes it immensely easier to find the images you’re looking for in large libraries, and it’s so simple to use. Here’s what to do.