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Photos+ For iPhone, A Better Photo-Browsing App With Maps And Metadata


Photos+ is a new iPhone app from Justin Williams aka Second Gear software aka the developer of iOS text editor Elements. Photos+ is in the “one thing well” school of apps: it lets you look at the photos you have on your iPhone, and it does a better job that the built in app. In most ways at least.

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Sync Photos To Storage Gives You One Tap iOS Photo Backup

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.26.01 AM

There are tons of solutions to get iOS photos from your device to some sort of backup system, from Dropbox to iPhoto. Backing up your photos is imperative, especially on iOS, as the iCloud backup system doesn’t back up photos, and PhotoStream only keeps the last 1,000 photos on your phone synced to all your enabled devices.

Backing up to cloud services is extremely convenient, but what happens when you no longer want to pay for the storage, or would rather hang on to your digital memories on your own computer? Sure, you can connect to your Mac with a cable, but then you’ve got to do the hard work of figuring out which photos you’ve already backed up.

Sync Photos To Storage, a new app from developer Simplex Solutions, aims to make this process much, much easier.

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Meteor Automatically Erases Photos You No Longer Need, Or Want


Meteor is a $1 app with a brilliant, simple solution to a common problem no one seems to have addressed until now — and it’ll almost certainly unclutter your phone.

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IFTTT Can Now Add Photos To Your Camera Roll, Reminders To Your iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 11.06.10

IFTTT has gotten a big update today in the form of proper Reminders and Photos integration for iOS. Before, you could have it do some clever automatic thing when you added a new photo or reminder to the respective iPhone apps, but now IFTTT can create reminders and add pictures to any album. It’s pretty sweet, and would be awesome but for one big gotcha.

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Timshel Sends You A Pack Of 30 Printed Photos, Once A Month


Timshel (“Time Shell”) is a pretty great looking new service that sends you prints of your own photos once a month. You know those cool apps which mail you your old photos every once in a while? It’s like that, only with real photos.

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Quickly Find And Open Photos In iOS 7’s New Year View [iOS Tips]

It works in Collections view, too.

It works in Collections view, too.

One of the much touted features of iOS 7 is the new organization feature of the Photos app. When I opened it for the first time, back in the beta, I was dismayed to see the Year view.

The photos? They’re tiny! How the heck am I supposed to find the photo I want? I’m old and need glasses. Sheesh.


It turns out to be much simpler than you’d think to scan through the photos in this view.

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Use Preview To Make Your Photos More Black And White Artsy [OS X Tips]

Don't eat this one, ever.

Don’t eat this one, ever.

If you want to get all Ansel Adams and start exploring black and white photography, you could go out and buy a fancy photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop, you could go see if anyone still makes film cameras with black and white film, or you could go the super easy and cheap route and just use Preview, an app that’s already on your Mac.

Your call, of course, but here’s how to get Preview to make your photos all arty and stuff.

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Use These Shell Scripts To Organize Your Photos Right There In The Finder

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.55.47 AM

There’s a lot to be said for organizing your photos into folders in the Finder. In fact, if you’re using an app like Lightroom to organize your photos, then you’re already doing this, albeit with a super-helpful cataloging and editing application laid on top.

But you need some sort of organization, right? And that’s where the amazing Dr. Drang comes in, with a couple of shell scripts do the work for you.

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Capture Those Action Shots in iOS 7 With Camera’s Burst Mode [iOS Tips]

These are not action shots.

These are not action shots.

Back in the iOS 7 beta, we noticed a feature that would focus your iPhone camera when you held down the volume button in landscape mode.

When I went to do the same thing yesterday while taking pictures of my Macbook Air’s trackpad (don’t ask), and instead of a nicely auto-focused picture, I got a bunch of pictures of my (not-moving) trackpad, inadvertently activating what Apple calls “burst mode.”

Here’s how to use it to get action shots on your own iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.

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New iPhone 5s To Hit Runway At Chavvy Burberry Show


Did you know Sir Jony Ive is a huge Burberry fan? True story. He went to London this past summer to see the runway fashion show put on by Burberry, as you can see in the photo to the right.

Interestingly, Apple on Thursday announced a surprise collaboration with Burberry, a London fashion brand sometimes unfortunately associated with lowlifes, known in Britain as “chavs.”

There he is--far right.

There he is–far right. (Credit: Jenny Palmer)

Ive will certainly be happy today* to hear that Burberry is teaming up with Apple to use the not-yet-released iPhone 5s to capture and share images and video from the upcoming runway show in London, taking place this coming Monday, September 16.

This new collaboration is inteded to showcase the new clothing line, of course, but also to show how great the iPhone 5s iSight camera is, with it’s new, larger pixels, exposure area, and lens. It will allow photographers at Burberry to take high quality photos and high resolution video of the runway models, product details, and moments backstage.

Just imagine all the slo-mo.

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