Photographers, you use Adobe. You should learn it. [Deals]

These 14 courses cover essential Adobe photo software and the key skillsets in photography itself.
These 14 courses cover essential Adobe photo software and the key skillsets in photography itself.
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Adobe’s software products have become an key part of photography for pros and amateurs alike. Photoshop and Lightroom are industry standard platforms, but this bundle of 14 Adobe certified courses extend beyond software and into photography itself. It’s over 65 hours of top quality instruction in shooting and editing photos, and using Adobe’s essential software to bring your photos to their highest realization. Right now, you can get the whole thing for $69.

Sony says ‘major smartphone players’ will use dual-lens cameras in 2016


iPhone Camera
Apple's making big upgrades to the iPhone's camera.
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Apple’s favorite camera sensor maker may have just dropped a big hint that a dual-lens camera is coming to the iPhone 7 later this year.

Sony CFO Kenichiro Yoshida revealed yesterday during the company’s Q3 FY15 earnings call that its dual-lens camera platform will be featured in a range of products from “major smartphone players” over the next year.

Could he possibly be talking about the iPhone?

Gadget helps GoPro users create jaw-dropping panoramas


Panoramic pictures are a snap with the Pano5+1.
Panoramic pictures are a snap with the Pano5+1.
Photo: Rogeti

Sometimes a good idea can advance technology without an app or motherboard. Photographer Ruoguo Zhou proved that last year with a hunk of plastic called SLOPES, an indispensable accessory for GoPro users that cradles the camera and provides 20 different angles for shooting.

Zhou again applies simple geometry to plastic with his new device, the Pano5+1, a tripod (or water bottle) head that allows the GoPro shooter to create seamless spherical or cylindrical panorama photographs.

Best manual camera apps for iPhone


For when the stock Camera app just doesn't cut it.

app-factor-logo-thumbnail Manual camera apps for iPhone offer better control over settings like exposure, focus, ISO and shutter speed. If you’ve ever shot photos in an environment where the light wasn’t ideal or had a rough time balancing shadows and light, you would benefit from a manual camera app.

While these kinds of apps aren’t always necessary, a great one is a good tool to have in your app arsenal. These are currently the best manual camera apps for iPhone.