Leave Instagram to the kids. This photo app is for an older generation

Sherish is a simple app that automatically backs up your photos and lets you be selective on who sees your photos.
Sherish is a simple app that automatically backs up your photos and lets you be selective on who sees your photos.
Photo: Sherish

The best camera is the one that is with you, so the saying goes. But if that is indeed your iPhone, what is the best photo app? You have several thousand from which to choose.

This can be particularly maddening to older generations, for whom robust digital living seems foreign and frightening. They like the ease of the smartphone camera, but they just want to share their pictures with a few people and store securely without all the extras, like locators, timelines or random followers.

Sherish – an iOS app whose name combines the words share and cherish – was developed for the older user who just wants a few functions, a couple of screens, easy album management and, of course, privacy.

Stash all your secret files in KYMS’ encrypted calculator app




This post is brought to you by IdeaSolutions, creator of KYMS.

What better way to keep your media safe than to encrypt your files and hide them behind an iOS app that appears to be nothing more than a stylish calculator? KYMS (Keep Your Media Safe) encrypts all your multimedia files, photos, documents, passwords and much more, then stashes them inside a military-grade vault that’s hiding in plain sight.

WerYoo Is Like Instagram, But With Maps



Recently launched free app WerYoo takes on Instagram — combining a photo app with a social network — by allowing users to place their photos and hashtags on a map, which they can then share with friends.

WerYoo lets you show off your photos to people in your immediate proximity, and pings you whenever a new nearby photo is added — thereby letting you both keep up to date with friends and connect with new people.

Photoful Organizes Your iPhone Pictures With A Useful Elegance



If you’re growing tired of the way iOS 6 keeps your photos together in one big shoebox of sorts, only letting you categorize photos and create albums manually, there’s a new app out that will help you do much more than that, and it’s free to boot.

Photoful is a new, free app that offers something of what you can expect to find in the upcoming iOS 7 version of Apple’s own Photos: an elegant, good-looking, well-designed app focused on helping you organize and display your camera photos in a better way.

Make And Share Retrotastic Polaroid-Styled Photos With Polatax



If you’re looking for that retro-nostalgic Polaroid-style experience from your iPhone, you could wait till March of next year and purchase one of those fancy soon-to-be-in-production Instagram Socialmatic cameras. That’s if they actually come to fruition.

Or, you could try out Polatax, an unfortunately named photo filter app that builds itself around the concept of Polaroid-like photos.