Custom Lego minifigs put Jobs, Woz, and Cook on your desk


Apple custom Lego minis
If you really wanted, you could stage your own Apple keynote address in Lego form.
Photo: FamousBrick

A company that specializes in making Lego-ized versions of tech-world giants is offering minifigures based on Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, current CEO Tim Cook, and some people who work for other companies, if you want to be all diverse about it.

The figures won’t even set you back that much, really. Depending on how much you value plastic that looks like people.

Apple still has no intention of merging OS X with iOS


Apple's not ready to go down the Microsoft route just yet.
Photo: Microsoft

The new Magic Trackpad 2 introduced Force Touch to the iMac, but Apple’s not ready to embrace the concept of a Mac touchscreen — and according to Phil Schiller, it’s unlikely to do so anytime soon.

We’ll take that as a “no” for anyone dreaming of an iOS/OS X hybrid.

Steve Jobs’ co-workers share fondest memories of Apple co-founder


What was it really like to work for Steve Jobs?
What was it really like to work for Steve Jobs?
Photo: Jigsaw Productions

Today is the fourth anniversary of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ passing, and as has become tradition on October 4, some of his closest co-workers are sharing their fondest memories of what it was like working alongside him.

Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Eddy Cue, Andrea Jung and Bud Tribble all shared short essays with Apple employees this morning on the company’s intranet. To commemorate Jobs’ legacy, Tim Cook told employees in an email to stop older executives today and ask what Jobs was really like.

With controversial movie Steve Jobs set for release later this month, Jobs’ co-workers’ essays provide a look at aspects of the visionary Apple CEO’s personality that those who only knew him through the public eye probably missed.

Here’s what Jobs’ friends had to say about working with him:

Bill Graham Civic hosted Apple’s biggest hyperbole-fest ever


The iPhone 6s Plus might be hard to find on launch day.
All Apple's saying is that the iPhone 6s will be the most amazing, dynamic, life-changing thing you've ever seen.
Photo: Apple

We get that yesterday’s Apple event was a marketing thing, which is why every presentation began with whoever was onstage telling us how “thrilled,” “excited” or “really happy” they were to be there. And the exaggeration just continued from those intros.

Here are some of the most outlandish and enthusiastically subjective lines that came from the stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. We’ve organized them by speaker so you can see who “won” this verbal arms race of canned excitement.