Today in Apple history: Devs get the key to unlock iPhone’s awesome power


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Do you remember the arrival of the App Store?
Photo: Apple

Mar6March 6, 2008: Apple releases the iPhone software development kit, finally allowing devs to start developing native mobile apps for the iPhone.

When the App Store eventually opens a few months later, a new industry springs up overnight as third-party devs rush to take advantage of Apple’s distribution network.

What they said: Best Apple quotes of 2016


Best Apple quotes 2016
If you can't say something nice ...
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

2016 Year in Review Cult of Mac The world of quotes is a poorer place without Steve Jobs, who was a quote machine. Nonetheless, plenty of people talked about Apple this year, whether lauding the company’s successes or damning its strategies.

Here are the most memorable Apple quotes of 2016.

Why the MacBook Pro headphone jack didn’t disappear


iPhone 6 headphone jack
Gone from the iPhone, not from the MacBook Pro.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

A few people were surprised to see a 3.5mm headphone jack appear on Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptop, just weeks after the company very publicly discarded the port for its new iPhone 7.

But according to Phil Schiller, speaking in a new interview, it’s not an example of inconsistency on Apple’s part. Instead, it speaks to a much deeper philosophical question on Apple’s part about the difference between mobile and non-mobile devices.

Apple defends skimpy MacBook Pro RAM


The MacBook Pro has a special T1 chip inside.
The MacBook Pro has a special T1 chip inside.
Photo: Apple

Serious professionals hoping for tons of RAM on the new MacBook Pro are out of luck.

Apple decided to limit RAM options on its beautiful new machine to just 8GB or 16GB. That’s the same amount as the last MacBook Pro, which is more than enough for most consumers, but Apple claims adding more would be also be bad for pros.

Here’s why Apple will never give MacBook a touchscreen


macbook pro
The new MacBook Pro is stunner.
Photo: Apple

Desktop computers aren’t going away any decade soon. Not if Jony Ive and Phil Schiller have to say anything about it.

In an interview with Ive, Schiller and Magic Man Craig Federighi, Apple’s team of vets explain that they don’t plan to ever morph the iPad and Mac together to make a Frankenstein desktop tablet like the Surface Studio.

Liveblog: The Mac is back at Apple’s ‘Hello Again’ keynote


Are you ready for new Macs?
Are you ready for new Macs?
Photo: Apple

Are you ready to finally get some new Macs? It seems like forever since Apple busted out big updates for the iMac and MacBook, but today the wait for something new is over.

Apple’s “Hello Again” event is expected to feature tons of new Mac hardware. The keynote kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific today, and will livestream from the company’s HQ in Cupertino, California. We’ve already seen tons of pictures of the new MacBook Pro and heard of a new app for Apple TV that’s coming, too. But today’s event could feature some game-changing hardware no one was expecting.

Cult of Mac is here to to liveblog all the action once the festivities start, with all the brilliant analysis, dull wit and pithy snark we can come up with. Join us for the wild ride.

Scratch test suggests iPhone 7 camera lens may not be pure sapphire


iphone 7 plus camera
Apple's new camera lens is cool, but it may not be pure sapphire.
Photo: Apple

We may not yet have sapphire glass on our iPhone screens, but Apple has been claiming to use the ultra-hard material for its iPhone camera lens since 2013’s iPhone 5s.

However, those claims are being called into question by a new durability test carried out by YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who compares the hardness of the iPhone 7 camera lens with the sapphire display of a Tissot sapphire watch — and finds that the iPhone camera lens scratches far more easily.

Check the video out below.

You call that boring? Apple’s iPhone 7 event delivers big surprises


Tim Cook iPhone 7 event
Tim Cook and his crew killed it with the iPhone 7 event.
Photo: Apple

Far from the “boring” launch predicted by haters and relentless Apple rumormongers, Wednesday’s iPhone 7 event delivered plenty of big surprises.

Along with our first legitimate looks at the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the new Apple Watch Series 2, we got a promising peek inside Apple’s increasingly powerful and polished ecosystem. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 7 event.

Liveblog: Apple unveils iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2


Bill graham civic auditorium
The iPhone 7 is nearly here.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Welcome to iPhone Day 2016.

Months of rumors and leaked parts finally culminate today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, where Apple CEO Tim Cook and his merry gang of techno wizards are expected to unveil some new iPhones and Apple Watch.

Cult of Mac is set to liveblog the festivities today. We’ll be mixing real-time details and analysis with all the dull wit and pithy snark we can muster for what is expected to be one of the “most boring iPhone updates” ever. The event starts at 10 a.m. Pacific, but we’ll be getting started well before that.

For a quick recap of what to expect from today’s keynote, check out our roundup of all the announcements Apple will make, including the possibility of some new AirPods.

Today’s event promises to be Apple’s biggest event of the year, so turn on the stream on your Apple TV and join us in the iPhone 7 event liveblog below.