Apple may be cutting back on iPhone 6s orders


What will you get this Black Friday?
Not the 6s Apple thought it would be?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Despite the iPhone 6s’ record-shattering 13 million unit sales in its first three days, reports coming out of Apple’s supply chain suggest that manufacturer Pegatron has stopped operating several of its iPhone 6s production lines in Shanghai — and may even be laying off some employees who were hired to work on the handset.

While this has the distinct feel of an unsubstantiated rumor to it, Pegatron has come forward and acknowledged that it’s actually true.

But hold back your “Apple will go bankrupt in six months” placards for now; things aren’t exactly as they first appear…

Another Apple partner accused of unsafe worker conditions


Tim Cook visits one of Apple's factories in China.
Photo: Tim Cook

One of Apple’s supply chain iPhone manufacturers is under fire for unsafe and illegal labor practices — and for once it’s not Foxconn.

This time the company is Pegatron, which worker rights group China Labor Watch says has not cleaned up its act, despite Apple claiming that it would investigate it back in 2013 after 86 labour rights violations were identified at three of its factories.

Chinese devaluation is terrible for Apple, great for its suppliers


Tim Cook meets with Apple Store employees in China.
Tim Cook meets with Apple Store employees in China.
Photo: Apple

China’s surprise devaluation of the yuan is likely to have a massive impact on Apple and its suppliers.

China devalued its currency in an attempt to boost a flagging economy — resulting in the country’s biggest one-day loss in 20 years.

And while some will be celebrating, others (likely including Tim Cook) can’t be too happy about it!

How much is the life of an iPhone 6 assembler worth? About $12,000


Tim Cook greeting Foxconn workers in China. Photo: Apple
Tim Cook greeting Foxconn workers in China. Photo: Apple

A Chinese workers’ rights group released a new report today that sheds light on the deplorable working conditions in factories that assemble the iPhone 6. According to China Labor Watch, on February 3, 2015, Pegatron assembly line worker Tian Fulei died while assembling the iPhone 6.

The hospital labeled the cause of death as “sudden death,” but fellow workers say Tian worked long overtime shifts day after day, which gave his family reason to believe that Tian died from overwork.

To smooth things over, Pegatron reportedly offered the family a measly $2,400 as compensation for their son’s death. Tian’s family of farmers couldn’t afford to pay for an expensive independent autopsy to prove the death was work-related. Eventually they took Pegatron’s next offer of $1,277 for his untimely death.