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Apple Watch is ‘definitely lacking’ says Pebble founder

Pebble is going to have its work cut out for it taking on the Apple Watch. Photo: Pebble

Pebble is going to have its work cut out for it taking on the Apple Watch. Photo: Pebble

Becoming the most funded Kickstarter in history is certainly enough to boost confidence — and if you’re Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky it’s enough to get you to take some potshots at giant-sized rival, Apple.

With Cupertino’s March 9 Apple Watch event just one week away, Migicovsky has thrown out a few barbed comments about Apple’s eagerly-anticipated debut wearable. Describing the device as “definitely lacking,” Pebble’s founder noted how he’s just not that into smartwatches that are “relegated to being an accessory to your mobile phones.”

Oh, snap!

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Watch this space: Pebble begins mystery countdown

The end is near. Screenshot: Cult of Android

The end is near. Screenshot: Cult of Android

Pebble has promised us big things for 2015, and our wait for those could be over sooner than anticipated. The company today erected a countdown on its website that ends on Tuesday, February 24, at 7 a.m. PT.

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From Dick Tracy to Apple Watch: 70 years of smartwatches

Pebble goes pink, green and blue for a limited time


Pebble today added three new additions to its popular smartwatch lineup, but they’re not the all-new Android Wear competitors you may have been hoping for. Instead, they’re actually original Pebbles with fancy new paint jobs — and they’re only available for a limited time.

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8 fantastic crowdfunding projects every techie ought to love

Pebble’s Latest iOS Update Unbricks The Smartwatch


When Pebble’s last iOS update essentially bricked the smart watch, leaving it capable of only (shock horror) telling the time, we knew that something needed to be done in a hurry.

Fortunately Pebble realized that too, since the company has rushed out a new update for its official iOS app — fixing the bug users had complained about which stopped the Pebble from connecting to an iPhone via Bluetooth.

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Pebble Notes Puts Everything You Need To Remember On Your Wrist


Pebble Notes, a new iPhone app written by a student for students, puts important information on your wrist by sending your notes to your Pebble.

So many of us rely on the notes we’ve created and stored on our smartphones to get us through the day. We use them to make shopping lists for the supermarket, jot down passwords and codes we’ll need later on, and to help us remember other important information — such as answers for exams.

But if we leave our iPhone at home, they’re no good to us — unless you have Pebble Notes.

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Pebble Smartwatches Are Getting Bricked After Latest App Update

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.25.13 PM

If you have a Pebble watch, don’t download the Pebble 2.1 update. It could very well brick your smart watch.

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Pebble Smartwatch Isn’t As Clever As It Thinks It Is [Review]


So, I finally broke down and bought a Pebble Smart Watch the other day. Just rolled into Best Buy and looked at both the FitBit Force fitness tracker and the Pebble. At just $20 more than the Force, I figured I’d get a fun geeky gadget that would do more than tell the time and count my steps.

Pebble Smart Watch by Pebble
Category: Wearable Tech
Works With: iOS, Android
Price: $149.00

What I got for my $150 was a geeky gadget that tells me the time and passes notifications–usually–from my iPhone. And that’s about it, really.

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Pebble’s Steel Facelift Wants To Make Smartwatches Cool [CES 2014]


CES 2014 bug LAS VEGAS — Not to be confused with “Blue Steel” from Zoolander, the Pebble smartwatch brand is branching out into the more premium, classic world of timepieces with Pebble Steel.

Announced today at CES, Pebble’s new watch has the same OS current owners know, but the physical materials have been upgraded from plastic to CNC-machined stainless steel. With a new developer SDK and its own app store on the near horizon, Pebble is leading the smartwatch race. But does it have what it takes to make the smartwatch cool?

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