Steam holiday sale kicks off December 22


It's that time of the year again!
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Christmas is a great time to pick up cheap games for Mac and PC on Steam, with big discounts on the latest titles and timeless classics. According to a new leak, this year’s sale will kick off on Thursday, December 22.

Mac sales no longer defy faltering PC industry


macOS Sierra
Mac sales may fall for their fourth year-on-year quarter in a row.
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The days of Macs avoiding the fate of the rest of the ailing PC industry may be over.

Analysts who have filed their predictions for Apple’s quarterly earnings call, which is coming tomorrow, think Mac sales finally failed beat those of PC competitors. And they’re expecting to see Apple’s fourth consecutive year-over-year quarterly decline in Mac sales.

Apple’s new ad shows why iPad Pro is a great computer


Is the iPad Pro a true PC replacement?
Is the iPad Pro a true PC replacement?
Photo: Apple

What’s a computer?

That’s the latest brain buster Apple is asking fans in its latest iPad Pro ad that showcases how the giant tablet can replace a PC thanks to its keyboard, touchscreen and Apple Pencil. The short new ad covers iPad Pro’s multitasking capabilities, too, with shots of Slide Over and picture-in-picture that reimagine what you can do on an iPad.

Check it out:

Why do some folks hate Apple? It’s complicated.


Mac Man tries to gobble up all the Apples.
Mac Man tries to gobble up all the Apples.
Illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac 2.0 bugYou don’t see long lines for the latest Lenovo PC or LG Android phone. But take a quick peek on the internet and you’ll find plenty of people lining up to say how much they hate Apple.

Every successful person or company has its critics, but the expressions of vitriol for Apple are more complex than the popular refrain ‘haters gonna hate’.