eBay raids Apple for payment talent to work on possible Apple Pay rival


Is 2015 really the year of Apple Pay?
Apple Pay is setting the gold standard for mobile payments. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Post-Apple Pay, everyone is looking to Cupertino when it comes to innovation in the mobile payment sector. eBay is no different — with the online auction company starting up a new division, designed especially to develop payment-related technology.

And wouldn’t you know it? It’s filling it with ex-Apple folk.

PayPal got kicked out of Apple Pay for partnering with Samsung



Apple Pay’s launch in the U.S. next month is being supported by some of the biggest players in the payments industry in the country except PayPal, but according to a report from Banking Innovation, Apple actually wanted PayPal to be the “preferred payment process” for Apple Pay.

Talks between PayPal and Apple began at the early stages of Apple Pay’s development, but after PayPal decided to partner with Samsung on the Galaxy S5, Apple execs got so mad they nuked the talks altogether.

PayPal’s iOS client now supports loyalty cards



Earlier today we reported on how Apple’s new iTunes Pass feature hints at Apple’s interest in mobile payments. However, Apple’s not the only company interested in this area.

Last night, PayPal updated its iOS client with one important new feature, allowing it to support loyalty cards. That means that PayPal’s app can become your one-stop-shop for payments and checkins for some of your favorite stores, including Starbucks, CVS, and others.