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eBay raids Apple for payment talent to work on possible Apple Pay rival

Apple Pay is setting the gold standard for mobile payments. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple Pay is setting the gold standard for mobile payments. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Post-Apple Pay, everyone is looking to Cupertino when it comes to innovation in the mobile payment sector. eBay is no different — with the online auction company starting up a new division, designed especially to develop payment-related technology.

And wouldn’t you know it? It’s filling it with ex-Apple folk.

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You can now purchase things through Apple’s online store using PayPal

You can now buy an iPhone or Mac from using PayPal. Screenshot: iMore

You can now buy an iPhone or Mac from using PayPal. Screenshot: iMore

Don’t like using your credit card online? No problem. Apple has just updated its online store to allow you to pay for anything the company sells online using PayPal.

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PayPal got kicked out of Apple Pay for partnering with Samsung


Apple Pay’s launch in the U.S. next month is being supported by some of the biggest players in the payments industry in the country except PayPal, but according to a report from Banking Innovation, Apple actually wanted PayPal to be the “preferred payment process” for Apple Pay.

Talks between PayPal and Apple began at the early stages of Apple Pay’s development, but after PayPal decided to partner with Samsung on the Galaxy S5, Apple execs got so mad they nuked the talks altogether.

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PayPal slams Apple Pay in full-page New York Times ad


PayPal has a lot to lose if Apple Pay takes off.

PayPal is feeling threatened. After Apple announced its new mobile payment platform Apple Pay last week, PayPal took out a full-page ad in The New York Times, blasting Apple’s security record in the wake of the celebrity nude scandal.

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PayPal’s iOS client now supports loyalty cards


Earlier today we reported on how Apple’s new iTunes Pass feature hints at Apple’s interest in mobile payments. However, Apple’s not the only company interested in this area.

Last night, PayPal updated its iOS client with one important new feature, allowing it to support loyalty cards. That means that PayPal’s app can become your one-stop-shop for payments and checkins for some of your favorite stores, including Starbucks, CVS, and others.

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PayPal Is Desperate To Be Apple’s Mobile Payments Partner

Passbook may put personal and business data together in way that makes it hard to separate them down the road.

Apple holds one of the world’s largest collection of active credit cards in the world thanks to iTunes, yet despite all that purchasing power, it has only recently begun to look into processing payments for physical goods, and PayPal is desperate to play a role in the action.

Payment industry executives say that PayPal is pitching Apple hard to let it in on the company’s rumored payment initiative, according to a report from Re/code. At this point, executives aren’t sure what type of tech Apple wants to use, or even how big a role it wants to play in the industry, but they’re willing to go as far as white-labeling their payments service, just so Apple will use it.

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Create Remarkable Websites With The Ultimate WordPress Starter Kit [Deals]


Have you ever thought about building your own website without spending thousands of dollars or thought about starting a freelance web development gig? What if it was all possible without knowing how to code? Well, it’s true.

WordPress is a full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. It’s a system that makes it easy for anyone to get a professional website up and running without knowing how to code, and now WPMU DEV has created an amazing membership service that will give you all the essential tools you need to get a WordPress website up and running…and all for just $89.

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PayPal Starts Selling iTunes Gift Cards


PayPal has been making a creep into gift cards lately, announcing just a week ago that it would start accepting prepaid gift cards as a form of payment online. Now it’s going even further, launching a digital gifts store where you can buy iTunes Gift Cards and, for now, only iTunes Gift Cards.

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PayPal App For iOS Gets iOS 7-Styled Redesign And New Mobile Wallet Features


PayPal announced a major update for its iOS app today that includes a new iOS 7-styled redesign focused on giving users more options to use digital payments at brick and mortar locations.

The update allows customers to pay for items in-store, transfer money to friends, split bills, check-in to locations, and even open up a line of credit with the new Bill Me Later feature. PayPal is also working with restaurants to allow users to order and pay for items within the PayPal app, rather than having to download a separate app for all your favorite restaurants.

The new update will be available for free on Google Play and the App Store later today.

Here’s an intro video PayPal released for the redesign: :

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Learn How To Build Your Own E-Commerce Site [Deals]


Business to consumer e-commerce is now a trillion-dollar industry, and growing every year. If you own a brick and mortar store, have an idea for a business, or make your own products, and you’re not selling online – you’re leaving money on the table. You could hire a developer or a third-party to create a site for you, but – thanks to Cult of Mac Deals – for a fraction of the cost you can learn to do it yourself.

Learn to create a fully functional e-commerce website ready to sell products and accept payments with PayPal with this 211 lecture video course. And pay only $49.99 – a savings 80% of off the regular price – in the process.

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