Patent troll threatens Apple with legal action over iCloud violation


The lesser-spotted patent troll.
The lesser-spotted patent troll. Photo: Andrew Becraft/Flickr CC
Photo: Andrew Becraft/Flickr CC

Imagine a lifetime job with Apple, that doesn’t require you going into the office every day, from which you can never be fired, but which still gives you a sizeable guaranteed paycheck at the end of each month.

If that sounds like a dream come true, apparently you share the same utopian vision as a little company called Hall Data Sync Technologies: a non-practicing patent troll company which just filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple.

Patent troll threatens Apple with court action over FaceTime


Is FaceTime infringing on existing patents?

When you’re a company with the kind of bank that Apple has, it’s no wonder that you’d be a target for patent trolls.

Well, it seems that the trolls are out from under their bridge again, because Secure Web Conference Corporation based out of Melville, New York has filed a new patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, claiming that its FaceTime technology (and the hardware it’s currently running on) infringes on an earlier patent.

Apple Wins Dismissal Of $2.2 Billion Patent Troll Suit



Apple has won the dismissal of a 1.57 billion-euro ($2.2 billion) German lawsuit, relating to an IPCom patent it was supposedly infringing upon.

While no oral explanation has been given for the verdict, the court in Mannheim, Germany decided that Apple didn’t infringe on the property of IPCom, and also dismissed a similar case against mobile manufacturer HTC.

Why Is Apple The Bad Guy For Defeating This Patent Troll?



Back in 2010, Apple was seemingly randomly sued by an eccentric 70-year-old crank who claimed to have “come up with the idea” of the smartphone. That lawsuit has now come to trial, and the crank has lost, but what’s confusing is how torn the jury seems to have been by the decision, even going so far as to call the alleged smartphone creator a “little guy” crushed by big business.