Ditch the sticky notes to keep your passwords handy and secure [Deals]



In this age of cyber theft, keeping your passwords on a pad of paper or (even worse) an online document just won’t cut it, no matter how indecipherable you might think they are. Sticky Password offers a new solution for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android users. And right now you can get a lifetime subscription for just $24.99.

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Whether you’ve got them jotted down on a yellow notepad, in a document file, or scrawled on a stack of napkins hidden in your mattress, you’ve got to have a way keeping your passwords, financial info and other sensitive data secure and accessible when it’s needed. SplashID Pro’s Lifetime Plan gathers all those errant bits of info, puts them in one place, locks them up and hands you the only key.

1Password Proves It Can Stand Up To Password Crackers


1Password goes head-to-head with password cracker and shows why complex passwords are important.
1Password goes head-to-head with a password cracker and shows why complex passwords are important.


1Password by AgileBits is a an incredible tool for keeping your data safe. More than just a password manager, 1Password allows you to encrypt and organize a wide range of data (website passwords, non-web digital accounts, credit/debit card numbers and financial account details, software licenses, and files containing confidential information.

Those features are all well and good, but the biggest feature is 1Password’s ability to keep all that data secure in the face of brute force attacks – the kind of attacks where a piece of software simply tries combination after combination of possible passwords. Password cracking software that rely on such attacks can easily try thousands of potential passwords each second.

To find out whether or not 1Password can withstand such attacks, AgileBits tested one 1Password against John the Ripper, one of the most well-known password cracking tools.