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Tech News: Bearded Man Reveals Holy Tablet

bearded man reveals holy tablet


As the frenzy commences on iPad 2 Friday, this image from The Register last week seems to sum up the zeitgeist of the moment nicely. Apple launch days are always amazing. Got your new iPad yet?

I plan to wait a bit myself. But that’s what I said when the original iPad came out too, that didn’t last long…

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Conan O’Brien Mocks iPad 2 Introduction

Conan O’Brien thinks Apple is getting a bit cocky. Never one to pass up the opportunity for a good parody, Team Coco takes on Apple’s slick interview-laden style in this funny spoof of the iPad 2 launch video.

Think Steve Jobs is the only employee at Apple capable of harnessing the Reality Distortion Field? And ever wonder about those team fashion choices? (Promo spot plays before actual video.)

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Parody: My Blackberry Isn’t Working, and There’s a Problem With My Apple

From BBC One and The One Ronnie Show comes this delightful spoof poking fun at the challenges of all those fruit themed devices in our lives these days. A lighthearted dose in true Python’esque fashion – lest we take our tech too seriously!

Apple Takes Action Against Parody Steve Jobs Twitter Account [Exclusive]

Apple Takes Action Against Parody Steve Jobs Twitter Account [Exclusive]

In a move that might well have Fake Steve quaking in his boots, Apple has just struck down the Twitter account of one of the growing number of tech parodists poking fun at Cupertino and its products.

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Sears Now Selling iWork (Analog Edition)

Sears iWork Toolkit

If you need to type a letter or create a presentation, the Apple iWork suite can help get the job done.  If you need to build a desk or fix the video projector, the Sears iWork toolkit might be a better choice.  Complete with 119 dedicated purpose hardware applets in a rugged portable utilities folder, this productivity suite requires no power and never needs updating.

It may not remain on sale for long, however, given Apple’s penchant for preserving their trademarks (and fonts).  A bargain now at only $39.99, who knows how much this may one day fetch on eBay?

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