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Apple Looking For Lead Design Engineers To Make The iPizza A Reality

Apple Looking For Lead Design Engineers To Make The iPizza A Reality

Conceptual mock-up of what the iPizza might look like.

Apple has begun a hiring push to find lead design engineers to help them make the long-rumored iPizza a reality, Cult of Mac has exclusively learned.

The advert, posted today on Apple’s jobs board, calls for a candidate with at least four years experience in the Neapolitan supply chain. Intriguingly, one of the skills required for the position is the “ability to hand stretch the pizza (without using a rolling pin),” suggesting that the new iPizza will be built with a revolutionary new manufacturing process.

Talk of an iPizza is not new. Over the years, Steve Jobs was spotted many times in Silicon Valley researching slices of pizza, leading to ongoing speculation that Apple was interested in entering the saucy Italian pie industry.

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Scoopertino: Apple to Re-Release Apple II, the Computer Which Started It All [Humor]

Apple II rerelease sm

Breaking fake news site Scoopertino is reporting that Apple has decided to take a retro approach with their new product offering, a re-release of the venerable Apple II microcomputer. An Apple press release (apparently) notes:

The Apple II gave birth to the computer industry. Now it’s pregnant again — this time with unlimited possibilities.

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This Amazing Siri Parody Will Leave You Terrified Of Your New iPhone 4S

We’ve seen a number of Siri parodies since the feature made its debut on the iPhone 4S late last year, but this one is most certainly the best one yet. It’s called “Psycho Siri” from AndrewMFilms, and features some terrific special effects. There’s also a great storyline that will leave you terrified of your new iPhone 4S.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial You Didn’t See [Humor]

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial You Didn’t See [Humor]
We all love our tech, and manufacturers spend millions of dollars making sure we get excited about it through commercial spots. Unfortunately, they don’t always hire the best voice-overs to dub these commercials, and we’re about to see what happens when Samsung goes out on a limb to hire a sailor for their latest Samsung’s “It’s Time To Tab” commerical. Be warned, this is not safe for work, or anywhere else that crude sailor mouthed language is prohibited.

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Apple Frees The World From IBM PCs In This Ghostbusters Parody From 1984 [Video]

While there are countless little-known videos on YouTube that are well worth a watch for any Apple fan, this Ghostbusters parody has to be one of the best. The clip was filmed for an International Sales Meeting held in 1984 and it sees a team called the “Blue Busters” free the world from IBM PCs and replace them with the Macintosh.

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When Siri Gets Stuck Between Husband & Wife [Humor]

When Siri Gets Stuck Between Husband & Wife [Humor]

We’ve seen a number of parodies that poke fun at Apple’s new intelligent assistant, but this one has to be my favorite. It’s a skit from CollegeHumor that mocks Apple’s latest Siri adverts by placing the feature in between husband and wife while they fight, and it’s hilarious.

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I’m the Computer Man – Old Video Parodies Mac Support Techs

I’m the Computer Man – Old Video Parodies Mac Support Techs

Well here’s something you don’t see every day. I’m the Computer Man is a bizarre, funny parody of Apple Macintosh tech support services. Shot with a 70s disco flavor and sung in Scatman John style, this is one unique Mac related video. Entertaining, in a cloyingly sweet way.

I’m the Macintosh man with the virus scan

Moving your files all across the land

Some Photoshop photos and After Dark

Get your Microsoft Office, XPress your Quark
Millions of colors with a VRAM chip
How about a system crash that will make you flip?

A reader comment on YouTube notes that the video was created by the McCann Erickson Agency IT staff back around 1997. I hope they gave these guys some time off…

Geek Trend: Apple Advertising Parodies, the Jony Ive Era

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Offering that imitation as a parody allows commentary while avoiding the Wrath of Legal. Spoofs of Apple commercials are certainly not a new phenomenon, but recently we’ve moved past Get A Mac and Dancing Silhouettes into the Jony Ive Era: soft music, featherlight products and dark T-shirts.

The world’s creative types have noticed, producing a stream of variations on Apple’s ubiquitous advertising. SlateV uses Ive himself to introduce one of Apple’s greatest technological wonders, the iPhone 4 Bumper.

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Tech News: Bearded Man Reveals Holy Tablet

bearded man reveals holy tablet


As the frenzy commences on iPad 2 Friday, this image from The Register last week seems to sum up the zeitgeist of the moment nicely. Apple launch days are always amazing. Got your new iPad yet?

I plan to wait a bit myself. But that’s what I said when the original iPad came out too, that didn’t last long…

[via The Register]

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Conan O’Brien Mocks iPad 2 Introduction

Conan O’Brien thinks Apple is getting a bit cocky. Never one to pass up the opportunity for a good parody, Team Coco takes on Apple’s slick interview-laden style in this funny spoof of the iPad 2 launch video.

Think Steve Jobs is the only employee at Apple capable of harnessing the Reality Distortion Field? And ever wonder about those team fashion choices? (Promo spot plays before actual video.)

[via Gizmodo]