Time’s up for Apple Watches in U.K. Cabinet meetings


Theresa May worries Russian hackers could hack Apple Watch.
Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

U.K. Prime minister Theresa May has banned ministers from wearing Apple Watches during Cabinet meetings, due to fears that they could be hacked by Russian spies for use as listening devices, a new report claims.

Under the leadership of former prime minister David Cameron, several members of the cabinet wore Apple Watches, including former Justice Secretary Michael Gove. Mobile phones have also been banned for the same reason.

Apple Blames High Australian iTunes Prices On Music & Movie Labels



Back in February, the Australian parliament demanded explanations from Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft over the prices charged for their products down under, with some goods costing as much as 70% more than they do in the United States. Apple has today responded to the inquiry, but don’t expect the Cupertino company to be reducing its prices anytime soon.

UK Parliament Wants To Buy An iPad For Every MP

Britain's government could soon be run on iPads. Photo by hozinja (CC BY 2.0)
Britain's government could soon be run on iPads. Photo by hozinja (CC BY 2.0)

Over in rainy Britain, members of parliament (MPs) might have something to smile about. The Commons Administration Committee has recommended that they all be given iPads and cellular data plans. This would cost a relatively small amount, around £260,000 ($415,000) plus data plans.