Expand your Mac’s functionality and its storage at the same time [Deals]


Add 128 gigs of storage and the ability to run Windows and Linux on your Mac.
Add 128 gigs of storage and the ability to run Windows and Linux on your Mac.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Talk about a power couple — this bundle comes with a pair of tools that expand the capacity and functionality of your Mac. Add 128 gigs of secure and fast storage, and run Windows or Linux alongside OSX on your Mac. It’s a massive upgrade for just $199.

Take a look at what’s included:

Get One Year Of Parallels Access For iPad [Deals]


Parallels Inc. is the leader when it comes to allowing you to be able to view your applications across different operation systems. They specialize in delivering an unmatched experience that emphasizes making your personal and work life simpler and in our eyes, simpler is paramount. Parallels Access ‘applifies’ your Windows and Mac applications, letting you remotely access and experience them as if they were made for iPad.

And Cult of Mac Deals has one year of Parallels Access for iPad available for 70% off the regular price…just $14.99!

Parallels 9 For Mac Announced With Support For OS X Mavericks And Windows Blue



Following the release of Parallels Access on the iPad, the ninth version of Parallels for Mac has been announced. The popular Windows virtualization software has been updated with full support for OS X Mavericks and Windows Blue 8.1.

Besides performance upgrades, Parallels 9 features several new features, like integration with Power Nap in OS X. Windows users will rejoice that Parallels has brought back the old Start menu to Windows 8 as well.