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Facebook Paper For iPhone Is More Than Just A Beautiful Newsreader


Facebook today announced a new standalone iPhone app called Paper, and you’ll be pleased to hear it’s nothing like any of the Facebook apps that came before it. Paper’s main focus is to make all the news you’re interested in easy to access it, but it’s much more than just a newsreader; in fact, it does enough to replace the regular Facebook app for more users.

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Paper For iPad Updated With Pencil Stylus Features As Preorders Begin Shipping

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.32.45 PM

A couple of weeks ago, FiftyThree started accepting preorders for its new Pencil stylus. Pencil is designed specifically for FiftyThree’s Paper drawing app. The simplistic stylus connects over Bluetooth via on-screen paring in the Paper app and has features like palm rejection, blending, and quick erasing.

The Paper app has been updated with these new software features for Pencil in conjunction with preorders beginning to ship to customers.

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Flickr Launches Super-Simple Photo Books

flickr books

Flickr takes another step towards “being awesome again” with a new book printing service, built right in to Flickr itself. And it’s so simple that you can have even a pretty long book put together in minutes.

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Makers Of Popular Drawing App ‘Paper’ Introduce Bluetooth Stylus ‘Pencil’


FiftyThree, the team of software developers behind the popular iPad drawing-app ‘Paper’ are moving beyond the digital wares with their first piece of hardware – a Bluetooth rechargeable stylus dubbed ‘Pencil,’ that’s customized to work in tandem with the Paper drawing app.

The new stylus comes in the form of a carpenter pencil with two different color options – walnut and graphite. One of the unique features of Pencil is the eraser end that artists can use to carve away errors without having to switch tools inside the app.  Pencil features a lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB in 90 minutes and last a month and to pair the device to your iPad you simply press the tip to the screen and Bluetooth Smart wireless does the rest of the work.

Here’s a video of Pencil in action:

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Print Your Own Paper Keyboard For iPhone


Forget 3-D printing. The future of personal manufacturing is now 2-D printing – when you’re making iPhone keyboards that it. Using nothing but a keyboard printed onto a sheet of regular paper, along with Gyorgyi Kerekes’s new Paper Keyboard app, you can type and play games as if you’d dropped cash money on a real 3-D metal and plastic keyboard.

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FiftyThree Planning ‘Pencil’ Stylus To Write On Paper App


Pencil is the name of a new stylus coming from FiftyThree, the makers of the rather lovely Paper app for iPad. If the hardware shown in the FCC filing is anything to go by, then it is a design as practically minimal as the Paper app.

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Evernote To Launch Branded Post-It Notes


Here’s an idea to file in your Evernote app under “Why didn’t anyone do this before?”: Evernote Post-It notes. That’s right; Evernote has teamed up with 3M to offer multi-colored, Evernote-branded sticky notes which can be scanned into the app to save, well, forever.

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Baron Fig Is The Paper Note Apple Would Make


If Apple made a notebook (a paper notebook, with paper pages) then it would probably look something like the Baron Fig notebook: The design is understated, obvious even, but it’s chock-full of tiny details that should make it a pleasure to use.

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Meanings: Dictionary Lookup For Paper Books Using The iPhone’s Camera

Meanings: Dictionary Lookup For Paper Books Using The iPhone’s Camera

Did you ever find yourself pinching to zoom a paper map, or tapping and holding on an unfamiliar word in a newspaper trying to pop up a dictionary definition? It always ends in frustration, no? Not anymore. Not the second one, anyway: Meanings is an app that lets you use the iPhone’s camera to look up up real-world words in the fake-world dictionary.

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Zattere Is A Padded Paper iPad Sleeve You’ll Want To Draw All Over [Review]

Zattere Is A Padded Paper iPad Sleeve You’ll Want To Draw All Over [Review]

Zattere iPad Sleeve from Papernomad / Art of me & my pup from @skylaarsays

Walk the halls of Macworld or the Consumer Electronics Show for too long, and the sheer googolplex of injection-molded iCases hanging all around can actually make you go cross-eyed. The bedazzled ones are especially dangerous—that’s a medical fact.

Zattere iPad Case by Papernomad
Category: Cases
Works With: Any iPad
Price: $50

Bucking that trend, the Zattere from Papernomad is a naturally-crafted iPad sleeve you’ll enjoy looking upon as much as using. No, paper, wool, cotton, and thread might not sound like the materials that belong in a protective iPad sleeve, but they do work well, and then there’s this: in five years, a plastic case will look positively forlorn; paper though, artfully aged with your doodles and sketches, becomes an artifact you may wish to keep even after its utility has long gone astray.

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