iPhone 5s Panel Shipments Expected To Surpass 50 Million Units By Q4 [Report]


iPhone 5S 3 colors

According to a Digitimes report of “industry sources,” the panel shipments for the new iPhone 5s are expected to hit the 10 to 13 million mark in the third quarter of this year. Sharp is expected to be the main provider of these panels, at seven million panels, with LG Display and Japan Display providing the rest.

iPhone 5S Mass-Production Will Start Next Month [Report]


Every time Apple makes a new iPhone, it needs to go into production earlier and earlier to accomodate the bonkers-go-nuts launch demand for the latest Jesus phone.

No wonder, then, that iPhone 5S mass production is starting to kick off, with a new report saying that Sharp, one of Apple’s major panel providers, is revving up its engines to mass produce IPS LCD displays for the iPhone 5S, starting as early as next month.

Foxconn’s 46.5% Stake In Sharp’s Japanese LCD Plant Could Mean Better Battery Life For Future iOS Devices


Sharp's mammoth LCD plant in Sakai, Japan.
Sharp's mammoth LCD plant in Sakai, Japan.

Foxconn, the company that assembles almost all of Apple’s devices —- plus plenty more for the likes of Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, and Sony —- has confirmed today that it has secured a 46.5% stake in Sharp’s giant LCD plant in Sakai, Japan. The deal is expected to help Sharp improve its performance, and could make low-energy IGZO displays a possibility for future iPads


Apple Will Sell Cheap iPad 2 Alongside Retina Display iPad 3 [Report]



Apple’s iPad 3 is expected to make its debut early this year, but it may not be the end of the much-loved iPad 2.

According to the company’s plans for display panel shipments, the iPad 2 is certainly not about to meet its demise. Instead, Apple may follow the same steps it has taken with the iPhone 4 and offer its second-generation iPad alongside the new model as a cheap $299 alternative — allowing it to compete with Amazon’s budget Kindle Fire tablet.