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WSJ: You’ll Soon Be Able To Listen To Spotify On Your Mobile For Free


While Spotify can be used without a paid subscription on your desktop, you need to sign up to Spotify Premium at $9.99 a month to enjoy it on mobile. But that could be about to change, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that Spotify is planning a new ad-supported version of its music streaming service for mobile devices.

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Has iTunes Radio Killed Pandora Yet? Quite The Opposite


When Apple announced iTunes Radio at WWDC this June, it looked like a lot of subscription radio services would take a massive hit. But for Pandora, things couldn’t be better. Since Apple’s new service made its debut alongside iOS 7 back in September, listening has increased by 9 percent.

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iTunes Radio Not Winning Over The Hearts And Minds Of Pandora Users


Before iTunes Radio came along, everyone thought it would be the death knell of good old Pandora. But it doesn’t look like Pandora is going anywhere: even those Pandora users who have access to iTunes Radio either don’t use it, or listen to Pandora alongside iTunes Radio.

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Samsung Unveils $400 Shape M7 Wireless Speaker


Samsung has today unveiled Shape M7, a $400 wireless speaker that hopes to compete with the Sonos. It connects to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC, and there’s a handy companion app that makes setup easy on Android and iOS devices.

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Rdio To Launch Free Streaming Service By End Of The Year


Before Apple is able to officially unveil its free new iTunes Radio feature, popular music-streaming service Rdio has revealed that it has struck a deal with Cumulus Media and plans to bring a free version of its service to the market.

The new deal will give Rdio users access to Cumulus’ 525 radio stations which will strip out localized traffic and weather details as well as be used to create playlists and other programs based on the stations and their syndicated shows, explains the New York Times:

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The Advantages Of Capturing Audio Streams On Your Mac [Deals]

CoM - audiorecord_mainframe_630x473-1

Notetaking comes in all forms, but it is essential when conducting interviews. I’ve done many, and no matter how good I am at using something like Evernote I always feel that much better having the original words in some format on my Mac. It means more accuracy when grabbing pull quotes. It means more notes that get retained for use in a story. Basically, it means I can focus on asking the questions and letting the technology handle what it can do best for me.

That’s why having an app that can handle that is such a huge asset. Whether it’s interviews, meetings, or even grabbing audio snippets directly from the web browser (like I did for my own TEDx talk), it’s an excellent tool to have at your disposal. (After all, even a conversation over Skype is essentially an audio stream, right?)

An example of this type of tool is Audio Recorder Pro (although it does focus on audio streaming more than anything else) and Cult of Mac Deals has it for $4.99 for a limited time.

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Rdio For iOS Gets Station Tuning, Improved Search, And Redesigned Collection


Apple’s iTunes Radio service doesn’t launch in the U.S. for a few more weeks, but Rdio’s been pumping some awesome updates into its iOS app to get ready. The latest Rdio update for iOS today added the much needed Station Tuning that’s been available on desktop since the launch of You FM earlier this month.

The Rdio 2.3.1 update also comes with a redesigned view for Collection that features a new album art view. Some UI tweaks and bug fixes were also tossed in for good measure along with improved search.

Here are the full notes:

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Pandora To Remove 40-Hour Listening Cap Ahead Of iTunes Radio Launch Next Month


Today Pandora announced that it will be removing its 40-hour-per-month listening cap come September 1st. Now free users will be able to listen for as long as they like and ads will play every 30 minutes.

The decision to remove the cap is an obvious reaction to the impending launch of Apple’s iTunes Radio, a radio streaming service that will be shipped to the public in iOS 7 after September 10th. Since more than two thirds of Pandora’s revenue comes from its mobile apps, iTunes Radio is very much a threat.

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Rdio Launches ‘You FM’ Personalized Radio Stations To Take On Pandora


Rdio announced this morning that it is launching a new personalized radio station feature to take on Pandora and iTunes Radio. The new radio station feature, dubbed You FM, combines users’ listening history with track voting, Facebook likes, Twitter follows and more to give each user an individualized experience.

Users can tune stations towards familiar or adventurous sounds or pivot it based on your favorite tracks. The new stations feature is available now on the App Store, Google Play and the web.

Here are the other features Rdio added:

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iTunes 11.1 Beta Seeded To Developers With iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio

Along with today’s release of the fourth iOS 7 beta, Apple has also seeded a beta build of iTunes 11.1 to developers that includes the new iTunes Radio feature.

Apple unveiled iTunes Radio at WWDC 2013 last month. The new streaming music service allows users to create radio stations based on artists or songs, similar to Pandora. iTunes Radio will be free with ads, but if you have an iTunes Match subscription, there are no ads.

Developers can download the new preview directly from the iOS Dev Center.