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Gatekeeper: First Step Towards App Store-Only Software On The Mac? [OS X Mountain Lion]

Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion

One of the big headline features in Apple’s new Mountain Lion OS is Gatekeeper, designed to keep malware and other nasties away from your computer. So is this another step towards App Store-only software on Macs?

The short answer is yes, it is. But it doesn’t have to be. Gatekeeper gives you the choice: do you want to stick to App Store-only apps, or be able to install anything from anywhere?

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How To Set Up Super Quick Web Searches In Alfred [OS X Tip]

Setting up quick search in Alfred

The latest update to Alfred adds a selection of smart new features, one of which is a new way of grabbing selected text from any Mac app and pushing it straight into one of your other Alfred actions – such as a web search, for example.

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MacJournal Updated, Adds More Blogs And Timeline View

MacJournal 6's Timeline view

Mariner Software just updated veteran writing/blogging app MacJournal to version 6, with a double helping of new features thrown in.

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Macromates Finally Releases TextMate 2 Public Alpha!

TextMate 2 icon

It’s here! After long years of waiting, you can finally – finally – get your hands on a copy of TextMate 2.

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Raven Browser Offers New Ideas, But Don’t Make It Your Default Just Yet [Review]

Cult of Mac as displayed in Raven

Raven is a new browser for OS X (Snow Leopard and Lion), currently in beta. What sets it apart from the rest is a sleeker appearance, and a Twitter-esque side panel called the Smart Bar.

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Simplier Offers A Simple Way To Play Music Without iTunes [Review]

Simplier for OS X

Simplier is a very simple $3 music player for people who just want to hear some tunes without having to trudge through the hassle of opening and browsing inside iTunes.

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Turn Your Mac Into A YouTube Jukebox [Review]

Musictube playing some Mode

YouTube wasn’t supposed to be a music player, but that’s what a lot of people use it for. There are millions of songs on YouTube – the only problem is finding them.

That’s why you might enjoy a Mac app called Musictube, which takes the hard work out of finding and playing the songs you want. If you want a video jukebox on your Mac, this is it.

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Sandvox Web Editor: A Good iWeb Alternative [Review]

Sandvox icon

When Apple announced iCloud, it also announced the end of MobileMe web hosting.

If you’re among the small community of iWeb/MobileMe users who’ve been wondering what to do when MobileMe finally gets switched off next June, I suggest you take a look at Sandvox as one possible replacement.

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Format A Flash Drive To Work With OS X And Windows [Video How-To]

Format A Flash Drive To Work With OS X And Windows [Video How-To]

For users who work with both Macs and PCs, having a flash drive that can work between both and seamlessly transport files can be critical. The tricky part is choosing the filesystem that provides the best interoperability between both computers. In this video, I’ll show how to format a flash drive for both Macs and PCs the right way.

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Give Your Mac The iOS Look With This Freebie

MenuBarFilter for OS X

Love the white-on-black cool of iOS? Wish you could have it on your Mac? Your wish is granted with this cute little software filter that turns your Menu Bar deliciously dark.

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