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Tranquility Is The Best Way To Read Your Mac Screen In The Dark

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It’s tough working in the dark on a Mac. The screen can blind you in the dark, and while apps like Flux make it easier on the eyes, it’s not enough.

Tranquility is a new app that sits in your menu bar and allows you to instantly switch to a dark, monochrome theme — something like iOS 7’s night mode. Unlike OS X”s built-in accessibility feature allowing you to invert colors, you can change the color pallette, go straight monochrome, adjust shadows and more.

If you’re a night owl, Tranquility is pretty great, and best yet, it’s free. Download it at the link below.

New Mac Trojan Steals Your Bitcoins!

Do you mine Bitcoins? Be careful: a new Mac trojian in the wild is looking to steal them.

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Oops! Dell Accidentally Advertises XPS Laptop That Runs OS X [Humor]

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Dell has, of course, “borrowed” a few inspirations from Apple over the last few years, but in a recent marketing video uploaded to the Texas-based PC maker’s YouTube channel a month ago — and since hastily removed — Dell showed an XPS 15 laptop that seemingly dual-booted between Wind0ws 8 and OS X.

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North Korea’s Official Operating System Rips Off OS X


North Korea is a bizarre place, in which DPRK dictatorship denies its population any interaction with the West, even as the government’s elite drinks Cristal with Dennis Rodman. In such a regime, you might not be surprised to know that there’s not a lot of Mac users.

However, the North Korean government has released its own operating system, and the latest version looks decidedly familiar. It’s basically a Linux distro skinned to look like OS X!

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Master Apple OS X Mavericks Server With This Actionable Video Course [Deals]


Want to get a handle on Apple OS X Mavericks Server? Then this course from the team at is for you.

In this OS X Mavericks Server training video course, featuring over 10 hours of actionable lessons, you’ll be taken deep into the technical aspects setting up an OS X 10.9 server. You’ll get an introduction to the Server app, and then dive into learning advanced tools and management, like network infrastructure services such as DHCP configuration, DNS server configuration, and configuring network time. And you can get this course for a fraction of the regular price – only $39 – during this limited time offer from Cult of Mac Deals.

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Phil Schiller Says Merging OS X And iOS Would Be A ‘Waste Of Energy’


According to Phil Schiller, merging the OS X and iOS operating systems would be a “waste of energy.”

Schiller was giving an interview with MacWorld on the eve of the Mac’s thirtieth anniversary. Asked about the chances of such a convergence, Schiller had the following to say:

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This Is Hitchhiker’s Guide Author Douglas Adams’ Lost Love Letter To OS X


42. Thanks for all the fish. Milliway’s. Famed author Douglas Adams is known for many things, including his legendary Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series. But did you know Adams was not only a die-hard Apple fan, but the last message he ever posted online was essentially a love letter to OS X?

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Make Your Mac Even More Secure With A Firmware Password [OS X Tips]


You probably have a regular login password for your Mac, which you type in when installing software or maybe even when you deactivate the screensaver. It’s fairly secure, but there are indeed ways around it.

If a malicious person with physical access to your Mac wants to get at your data, they can simply boot into a different mode, like Recovery Mode, Single User Mode or Verbose Mode. Or, they can boot your Mac using a USB drive and get around the password that way.

Setting a firmware password will add another, lower level of security to your Mac, and will make it so anyone who wants to boot into an alternate mode will need your second password. It’s fairly easy to enable, too.

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Double Your Mac Productivity With The OS X Mavericks Productivity Course [Deals]


After the holiday season, there are usually a lot of new Mac owners. Many of those new Mac users aren’t familiar with the platform, having switched from a Windows machine. Instead of relying on more seasoned Mac owners, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to point new users in the right direction? Thanks to Cult of Mac Deals and Mac Dojo, now there is.

The Mac Dojo Productivity Course couldn’t come at a better time in the twilight of the holiday season. There’s a lot of you with new Macs out there, and if you want to get the most out of it – this is the course for you. And you can get it for a limited time for only $25 – a savings of 74%!

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How To Use Preview To Make Your PDF Documents Smaller [OS X Tips]


Ever wonder why that PDF with just text in it is somehow bloated to a massive file size? Why should something that would be under 500 kilobytes if it were a Text Edit file be two or three megabytes when put into PDF form?

Well, the answer can vary, but if you ever get a PDF from someone that’s too darn big, say, to send via email, then you can use Preview to shrink the file size down to, well, size.

Preview is the built-in file viewer for images and PDF documents, so it’s super easy to find and use.

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