You won’t be able to buy an iPhone 6s on launch day in these 5 states


Chipgate won't drain your battery, says Apple.
Photo: Apple

Despite being sold out online, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be available for walk-in purchase on September 25th, except for customers in five unlucky states.

Apple revealed in a press press release that customers in Hong Kong, China, Japan and five U.S.states won’t be able to walk-in to a local Apple Store at 8 a.m. local time on Friday, September 25th to buy the best iPhone Apple’ ever created.

Here are the five states that won’t sell you an iPhone on launch day:

Toddler Buys Vintage Car On eBay Using Dad’s iPhone


Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 15.15.56

We’ve all heard stories about children who spends hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of dollars in the App Store when their parents have their backs turned. But that’s not the only place they can spend money on your iOS device.

Paul Stoute of Oregon learned that the hard way when his 14-month-old daughter purchased a vintage car on eBay using his iPhone.

Aerial Photos Show Apple’s Oregon Data Center Will Be In Facebook’s Backyard



Unlike Facebook and Google, when Apple decides to build a huge new data center, they’re not going to let anybody inside to see the technological marvels that they’ve cooked up. Apple just broke ground on a $68 million data center in Prinveville, Oregon, so rather than waiting forever to get an invite to tour the place, Wired sent out their spy plane to get some pictures.

Only a few parts of the data center have been completed, but it is interesting how close Apple is building their data center to Facebook’s gigantic new twin data center. Maybe being neighbors will help the two companies become best friends.

Here’s the pics of the future iCloud of the West.

Apple’s New Data Supercenter Will Cost $68M Just To Break Ground


Amazon, Facebook & Google also have data centers in Prineville, Oregon.
Amazon, Facebook & Google also have data centers in Prineville, Oregon.

Apple has begun work on the first phase of its Prineville data center, which will include clearing and flattening the land for one of two 330,000 square-foot buildings. Each building is said to be more than twice the size of a typical Costco store, and this initial phase of construction alone is expected to cost Apple $68 million.

Apple Confirms It Has Plans For Another New Data Center In Oregon


Apple is expected to join Facebook's data center (above) in Prineville, Oregon. [Photo by Tom Raftery -
Apple will join Facebook's data center (above) in Prineville, Oregon.

Just days after confirming its plans for its data center in North Carolina, Apple has confirmed that it is gearing up to build another one in Prineville, Oregon, neighboring rivals like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. The Cupertino company purchased the 160-acre lot for $5.6 million from Crook County.