All These Incredible Olympic Photos Were Taken With An iPhone 4S [Gallery]


Women's 200m backstroke semi-final 2, SW012

If you’re a professional photographer going to the London to cover the Olympics, you’d probably want to take a huge DSLR and a couple thousand dollars worth of extra lenses to get the best pictures possible, right? Wrong.

Dan Chung is covering the Olympics for The Guardian, only instead of using his fancy pants DSLR, Chung is capturing the entire event using only his iPhone 4S and some binoculars. He edits the photos using Snapseed before uploading them to the web, and the results are pretty impressive. Take a look for yourself.

Photographer Shoots Olympics Using iPhone, Snapseed And A Pair Of Binoculars


Yes, this was taken with an iPhone. Photo Dan Chung


The idea that you need a fancy camera and a bag of lenses to take good photos is utter crap. It’s a myth beloved of camera makers, and lapped up by amateur snappers who think that a Leica M9 or a Nikon D700 will somehow improve their tawdry, insipid holiday snaps.

Don’t agree? Here’s exhibit A: Photographer Dan Chung is covering the Olympics for the Guardian with an iPhone 4S, a pair of binoculars (used as a telephoto lens) and the iOS app Snapseed, and his photos are – too put it plainly – better than yours and mine.


Keep Up On All The London 2012 Olympic Results With The Official App [iOS Tips]


Don't miss a thing.
Don't miss a thing.

Not getting enough Olympic information to feed your habit? Are you obsessing over every event, every result, cheering your team to victory? Well, perhaps the official London 2012 Summer Olympics App from The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited will fit the bill.

This app promises all the latest Olympic news, schedules, and result, letting you stay up to date with the latest happenings from all Olympic sports live while the games are happening. Here’s what it has.

Apple Airs Several New Mac Ads During The Olympics [Video]


Screen Shot 2012-07-29 at 11.36.21 PM

Tonight during the Olympics, Apple aired several new Mac focused ads. The spots are drastically different than the kind of style Apple has been using in its TV ads for products like Siri and the iPad.

One features a man on a plane receiving assistance from a Genius with iMovie on his Mac, and another features a conversation between the same Genius and a customer who has just been tricked into buying “basically a Mac.” The third ad shows a scene in which a frantic dad explores iPhoto with a Genius.

With The Opening Ceremony About To Kick Off, Here’s A Few Ways To Keep Up With The Games



The 2012 Olympic Games are set to kick off in less than 2 hours, so we wanted to make sure you had some apps and links to ensure you don’t miss a single lap, dive, punch, or round-off. You’ll find a list of the top apps and a few websites to keep you on track and in the game. Feel free to check them out, or if you have any other suggestions, throw them up in the comments. Now let the games begin!

You Can Stream The 2012 Summer Olympics With NBC’s New iPhone And iPad App



NBC just announced that it will be streaming all 302 medal events from the 2012 Summer Olympics in London to U.S. viewers via its new iPhone and iPad app. Not only will NBC be streaming everything live on its Olympics website, but these two new iOS apps will also stream each event as it happens in real time. Over 3,500 hours of event coverage will be streamed to desktop and mobile viewers, making this year’s Olympics coverage the most internet-friendly in history.

The only catch is that viewers will need to verify in-app that they are subscribed to a cable/satellite provider that includes CNBC and MSNBC.

BBC Going For The Gold In Olympic Coverage With Custom Built BBC Sport Apps



The BBC is planning to take home the gold in Olympic coverage this year as they prepare to provide live coverage of every London 2012 sport from every venue throughout the day.

“We will be bringing live coverage of every Olympic Sport from every venue, through a combination of BBC One and BBC Three and up to 24 simultaneous streams live online on PC, mobile, tablet or connected TV

BBC has big plans for its various sports apps on both mobile and smartTVs. Custom built BBC Sport apps for Android and iOS will allow users to watch live video on the go and ensure they never miss a moment.

London Apple Stores Begin Stocking International Parts For This Summer’s Olympic Games


Apple's stunning Covent Garden store will be one of the many London stores making provisions for international journalists.
Apple's stunning Covent Garden store will be one of the many London stores making provisions for international journalists.

Apple retail stores in London have begun stocking international parts ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games as the company prepares for an “onslaught” of international journalists seeking repairs. Many of the journalists covering the event, which kicks off on July 27, are expected to be carrying Apple notebooks, so international keyboards are expected to be high in demand.