From iOS storage to coding classes: Cult of Mac’s best deals this week [Deals]


DUO adds 64 gigs of space to your iOS device, and lets you transfer data effortlessly.
DUO adds 64 gigs of space to your iOS device, and lets you transfer data effortlessly.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Here we go again, sharing our favorites from the week’s deals on gadgets and lessons. This round we’ve got a massive expansion for iOS storage, a powerful PDF flipbook maker, and comprehensive lessons in coding and Microsoft Office.

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Standing room only: Startup office of the future promises ‘end of sitting’


No chairs exist in the office re-imagined by artist Barbara Visser and architects Erik and Ronald Rietveld. Photo by Jan Kempenaers
No chairs exist in the office of the future, as re-imagined by artist Barbara Visser and architects Erik and Ronald Rietveld. Photo: Jan Kempenaers

The research reads like a Surgeon General’s warning: Prolonged periods of sitting can lead to obesity, heart disease, blood clots and spinal compression, according to the latest medical studies.

To combat this modern office horror, an artist and an architecture firm from the Netherlands have re-imagined the office with all the chairs pulled out from under us. The exhibit, called The End of Sitting, is a geometric landscape of surfaces of varying heights on which to lean.

“The chair and desk are no longer unquestionable starting points,” Erik and Ronald Rietveld, partners at Dutch firm Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances, told Cult of Mac. “In our society, almost the entirety of our surroundings have been for sitting while evidence from medical research suggests that too much sitting has adverse health effects.”

Microsoft brings Word, Excel and Powerpoint to iPhone for free


Microsoft brought its Office apps to iPhone for free. Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft announced new versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are coming to the iPhone today, giving users more tools to create and edit documents, so you can finally get some ‘real work’ done on that giant iPhone 6 Plus screen.

The new Office apps for iPhone are pretty much exactly like the iPad versions which were released in March, only they’ve been optimized for portrait mode, and unlike the old Microsoft Office Mobile app for iPhone, users will finally be able to do a whole lot more than just edit text.

What’s next for iPod? Catch the discussion on our newest CultCast



This time on The CultCast: rumored new EarPods take your pulse and more; updated Macbook Airs get faster and cheaper; a leaked “iPhone 6” case indicates an iPod-inspired design; Google takes on Office with new iOS apps for Drive; we ponder the state of the iPod; and we pitch our favorite tech and apps then vote on which is best… it’s an all new Faves N Raves!

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Steve Ballmer’s Last Act Was To Unleash Office For iPad Unto The World



Steve Ballmer. A total doofus, right? The man who said the iPhone was destined to be a failure, who thought the iPad was a dud, who stood in the way of Office being released for the iPad long after it was clear that Windows 8 was a total bust.

Okay, sure, Microsoft’s sweatiest ex-CEO was a bit of an idiot. But to be fair to the man, he did make his amends before he was forced out by incumbent CEO Satya Nadella. In fact, Ballmer’s last oleaginous act as CEO appears to have been greenlighting the release of Office for iPad.