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Send iMessages From Notification Center In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

Notification Center To Messages

One of the coolest things about Messages is the cross-device functionality, in that you can send messages to and from your Mac and your iOS devices. I use it while at work to chat with folks who text me from their iPhone; it’s a really handy way to avoid using a tiny screen while at work, not to mention letting you keep your iPHone in a bag, instead of beeping or vibrating on your desk.

Now, though, you can send an iMessage in the Notification Center in OS X Mavericks beta. Here’s how.

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Use Do Not Disturb In OS X Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

Do Not Disturb

OS X Mavericks (named after a hot surfing spot in California) was released last week, and even though it may have been overshadowed by the iOS 7 announcement at the same time, there are bound to be some new things in the operating system we can tip you about.

Remember, though, that as with all beta software, OS X Mavericks isn’t a final version–it’s meant to be used by developers to ensure that when it’s released this fall, all the devs with apps on OS X will have had time to make tweaks to their current Mac software, and start integrating Mavericks stuff into their next bits of software.

That said, let’s take a look at how to enable the new Do Not Disturb toggle in OS X Mavericks beta.

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7 Features iOS 7 Borrowed From Android [Feature]


Apple made a lot of significant changes in iOS 7, and some of those will be instantly familiar to those who are running the latest versions of Android. As is often the case, Apple has “borrowed” certain features from rival operating systems, and we’ve counted at least seven that were part of Android first.

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10 Awesome iOS 7 Features That Apple Didn’t Mention At WWDC


I’ve given iOS 7 a lot of hate this morning — just because I hate its icons — so I thought it was about time I showed it some love. It may not look the best, but the next-generation of iOS is packed full of awesome new features that should greatly improve the user experience.

A lot of those were detailed during Apple’s keynote at WWDC yesterday, but some got left out. So here’s ten awesome features in iOS 7 that didn’t get a mention at the event.

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Notification Center Is Getting Supercharged In Mavericks [WWDC 2013]


Apple just showed off how Notification Center is getting supercharged in OS X Mavericks.

Now in Mavericks, if your machine is sleeping, you’ll see all the Notifications that came in while you were away, all on the lock screen.

Mavericks will also update your apps in the background. And if you get an iMessage or an email, you can reply right from the Notification.

There’s also apparently a new kind of Notification, where apps can send Push Notifications to iOS devices.

Notification Center was notoriously underbaked in Mountain Lion: it’s nice seeing Mavericks getting this right.

Jailbreak Concepts We’d Like To See In iOS 7


Apple has been using ideas that originated in the jailbreak community for years. A jailbreak tweak called MobileNotifier enhanced push notifications in iOS 4, and Apple hired the guy who made it and released Notification Center in iOS 5. Jailbreakers were doing multitasking and tethering before Apple too.

Looking ahead at iOS 7, I honestly have no idea what to expect from Apple. Jony Ive has never really been a big fan of skeuomorphism, so flatter and more minimalist graphics wouldn’t surprise me. Some truly innovate ideas for enhancing the iOS experience have arisen in the past year, and I think it would be foolish for Apple to not at least draw inspiration from these three.

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Mastering Notification Center: Dump It Entirely From Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Get Rid of Notification Center

While I think I’m finally coming to terms with Notification Center, and it’s becoming a normal part of my daily work routine, there are some folks out there who may not like it at all.

For those people, here’s a pretty simple way to get rid of the Notification Center from your Mac, menu bar icon and all.

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Mastering Notification Center: Change Up The Default Basso Sound On Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Basso Sound

The default Notification Center sound, Basso, is not one that makes anyone super happy. It kind of sounds like a digital fart, to be honest. Why an operating system that’s had the ability to switch alert sounds since at least OS 7 doesn’t have that option here is beyond me, but luckily there’s a way to change it.

Let’s give it a try, shall we?

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Mastering Notification Center: Getting Twitter And Facebook To Work [OS X Tips]

Tweet Facebook From Notification Center

As Twitter reduces broad spectrum support for third-party apps, you may be looking for a way around using special apps to send out a Tweet from your Mac. Or, maybe you want to just send out a quick Facebook status update about something, but want to avoid the hassle of launching in a browser. Either way, you can send out tweets and update Facebook from Notification Center, starting with OS X Mountain lion.

You will have to enable these services, though, to make it all work. Here’s how.

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Mastering Notification Center: Only See Certain Types Of Calendar Events [OS X Tips]

Sweet customization!

Sweet customization!

In OS X Mountain Lion, you can set a Calendar notification for a repeating event on your iPhone, then get that notification on your Mac. Heck, you can even set a Calendar event on your Mac and get it when you’re out and about with your iPhone or iPad. It’s all a part of Apple’s iCloud integration, and it works pretty well, most days.

But what if you really don’t want to be notified of a certain type of event when you’re on your Mac? With OS X Mountain Lion, at least, you have a few more options for notifications that come from Calendar. Check it out.

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