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Ultra-Clean NoteCube Syncs Notes And Pictures With Evernote


NoteCube is another one of the “new generation” of note-taking apps, started by Q Branch’s Vesper, which are ultra-clean (in the iOS7 style) and work with pictures (the other one being Whitespace).

The USP of NoteCube is that it syncs with Evernote, which means that a) it actually syncs, unlike the other two apps, and b) it gets access to Evernote’s neat text recognition in photographs.

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Whitespace, A Fantastic Text And Picture-Based Note Taking App


Whitespace is an note-taking iPhone app that kind of combines Q Branch’s Vesper with a corkboard concept (only without the actual cork texture — this is the age of iOS 7 after all). It’s slick, it works with pictures, and it’s free (ish).

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Apple Gives Beta A Complete iOS 7 Redesign [Gallery]


With less a month to go until Apple unveils its new iPhones and the release date of iOS 7, the iCloud beta site just received a redesign to bring it more in-line with iOS 7’s UI.

Apple has replaced the old iCloud app icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and Find My iPhone with their counterparts from iOS 7. Along with the new icons, Apple has redesigned the UI of each app with the updated look of iOS 7 as well.

Take a look:

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Grid, An Intuitive, Gesture-Based Note-Taking App

Grid, An Intuitive, Gesture-Based Note-Taking App

Grid is a pretty cool new app which brings a new approach to note taking. It uses a flat grid metaphor and some very easy-to-use gestures to add contacts, photos, notes and places.

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Specifics HD: Gesture-Based Note App Mixes Notes, Drawings And Photos In Ultra-Simple Interface

Specifics HD: Gesture-Based Note App Mixes Notes, Drawings And Photos In Ultra-Simple Interface

Quick, grab your ice skates: we’re going for a spin on the frosted lakes of Hell. Yes, that Hell. Why? Because the App Store just recommended me an app that’s actually good. It’s called Specifics HD, and it’s a note-taking task manager.

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Evernote Reminders Now Available On Mac, iOS & The Web


Evernote has today rolled out a new Reminders service to its clients on the Mac, iOS, and the web. The new service rolls three of Evernote’s most-requested features into one, delivering in-app and email alarms, quick note-based to-do lists, and the ability to pin notes to the top of your note list.

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LinkedIn’s New iPhone App Brings All Of Your Contacts Together In One Place

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 16.19.35

LinkedIn has launched a new iPhone app today called LinkedIn Contacts, which promises to make it easier to stay in touch with your most important relationships. It brings all of your contacts together in one place, then provides you with alerts for birthdays, job changes, and more.

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System Service To Save Text to In Mountain Lion

New note sshot

When you think about it, it seems absurd that there’s no way to add the currently highlighted text on your Mac to your notes. The Notes app, which is the spiritual successor to Stickies, with the advantage of a) not clogging up your screen with yellow squares and b) syncing with your iPhone and iPad, is pretty great. But it lacks, inexplicably, a way to quickly clip the selected text.

This little System Service, which runs an Applescript, will fix that for you.

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Create, Search, And Add To Notes With Siri [iOS Tips]

Siri Notes

Ever been driving along when inspiration strikes? When the perfect line for that song you’ve been writing appears in your head and you just have to write it down? How about when you’re listening to the radio and you want to remind yourself to look up a book you’re hearing about on NPR?

You could pull over and rummage around your glove box for a pen that works and some paper, or pull out the Moliskine notebook you carry around everywhere (you hipster). Or, you can just have Siri create a Note about it on your iPhone. You can even have Siri add stuff to Notes you’ve already made. That way, you can just make a note of it, using your voice and the power of Apple’s personal assistant, and it will sync to iCloud (if you have it enabled), ready for action when you get home, or back to your Mac.

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Use iCloud-Enabled Notes App To Store Bookmarks [OS X Tips]

Bookmarks in Notes

Bookmarks are a great way to return to the websites you’re most often interested in. However, there are a ton of times when you just want to remember a specific website once, maybe to show to another person or do some research with. There are a ton of online bookmarking services, like and Pinterest, but they have a whole social networking layer that maybe you just want to skip.

If you want to save the URL of any website in an iCloud-synched app, look no further than Apple’s own Notes app.

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