Nintendo’s next console could run… Android?


Details about Nintendo’s next-gen NX console won’t officially be shared by the company until 2016, but according to a new report coming out of Japan one thing we might be able to expect is for the NX hardware to run a version of Android.

The decision is said to be rooted in Nintendo’s desire to give developers increased flexibility in making content that can also be used on smartphones and tablets.

Why the iPhone 6s may be the best ‘s’ yet, this week on The CultCast


This week: Why the iPhone 6s could be the best “s” update yet; Nintendo promises five top-notch titles coming to iOS; the paltry earnings of top Mac App Store apps; and just when we thought we’ve seen it all … a new iPhone accessory helps you deal with your major gas issues.

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This iPhone 6 Plus case promises to actually play Game Boy games


The Internet has peaked. We can all go home now. Photo: Hyperkin

Up until now we’ve seen Game Boy emulators and accessories created for the iPhone, but this is something else entirely: a Nintendo Game Boy-compatible case for the iPhone 6 Plus, which actually runs real Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.

Sound too good to be true? Well it is, sort of. Originally, the concept — called the Smart Boy — was an April Fools’ joke created by Hyperkin product developer, Chris Gallizzi. However, the idea of a turning your iPhone into a fully-functioning Game Boy proved too irresistible, and Hyperkin has now announced plans to really create and sell the product.

Provided Nintendo’s legal team don’t stop them first, that is.

Game Boy camera pictures look primitive — and that’s refreshing


Towards the end of the life of the Game Boy player, Nintendo added a camera attachment. Photo: Solopress
Toward the end of the Game Boy's life, Nintendo added a camera attachment. Photo: Solopress

We turned up our noses at the first digital pictures because they didn’t look as good as film. The camera added to the Nintendo Game Boy in 1998 certainly didn’t make the case for a digital future.

The bulbous attachment recorded a fuzzy, postage-stamp-size, black-and-white image. That’s black and white with no gray shades in between.

If you wanted to share your photo, you could purchase a separate printing device that plugged into the Game Boy and spit out a tiny print. The printer took a little roll of paper and looked like one of those small credit-card-processing machines that spit out a receipt.

Today, several megapixels later, the look of the Game Boy camera is refreshingly vintage.

Apple TV runs your home and Nintendo says yes to iOS on The CultCast


The wonderful world of Nintendo, coming to an iPhone near you.
The wonderful world of Nintendo, coming to an iPhone near you.

This week: it’s kind of a big deal—the wonderful world of Nintendo is coming to iOS. Plus: the reviews are in, people are loving the new Force Cluck Touch Trackpad; Apple’s rumored streaming TV service might land in June; and why the new Macbook hails the end for the Macbook Air.

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