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Investor Pressures Nintendo To Start Making iPhone & iPad Games


This week, Oasis Management founder Seth Fischer sent a letter to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, once again demanding that the House That Mario Built release games for the iPhone, iPad and other mobiel platforms.

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New Emulator Lets You Play Classic Game Boy On Your iPhone


For iOS users it seems that 2014 is something of a golden age for classic Nintendo gaming.

That’s because over the past few weeks we’ve seen not one, not two, but three separate emulators bringing classic NES and Game Boy action to iOS.

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You Can Now Play Game Boy Advance On Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking


We might be no closer to getting classic Nintendo games on iOS, but independent developer Riley Testut yesterday released the long-awaited 2.0 update to his slick Game Boy emulator, GBA4iOS.

Supporting Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and original Game Boy games, GBA4iOS is the most straightforward and best-looking way to bring nostalgic Nintendo action to iOS 7 — and you don’t even need to jailbreak your iOS device to use it.

All that is required is to open up Testut’s dedicated GBA4iOS website — which greets users with the Apple-esque message, “Game Boy Advance, meet iOS. Again.” From there, simply tap “download” and you’ll be tracking wild Pokemon, or leaping on mushrooms with Mario, in no time.

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Nintendo Still Too Stubborn To Go Mobile, Despite Terrible Wii U Sales

With Nintendo recently admitting that its Wii U console has flopped — slashing its sales forecasts for the device by 70 percent, despite U.S. spending on games consoles reaching a three-year high — the rumor mill has been abuzz with reports that the Japanese games manufacturer would exit the hardware business altogether, and instead focus on creating games for existing smartphones and tablets.

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Nintendo Is Experimenting With iOS Apps


Once the king of mobile gaming, over the past few years, Nintendo has found itself caught flatfooted by the rise of smartphones. Although the company’s 3DS portable game console can’t be said to be a total flop, it’s certainly not selling in gangbuster units compared to previous consoles, like the DS or Gameboy. The reason why is simple: most people have a perfectly good gaming device in their pockets all the time now in the form of their smartphone, and don’t want to have to carry around (let alone buy) an entirely separate device dedicated to gaming.

Many critics have suggested that it’s time for Nintendo to give up and just start releasing games based on its prize characters such as Mario or Link as iOS apps. Such advice is short-sighted, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo can’t be better leveraging Apple’s iOS platform… which is exactly what the Big N seems to have in mind.

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Play Old School With The Retro Nintendo Gamer Bundle [Deals]


There are some great gaming machines out there and some of the most cutting edge systems are slated to be released very soon. This offer from Cult of Mac Deals will let you bring back the good ol’ days of the Nintendo Entertainment System…and at a fraction of the price of any of the new systems that are (or will be) on the market.

The Retro Nintendo Gamer Bundle combines the RetroN console, 3 controllers, Zapp Gun and 2 NES games for just $59. And this offer also includes free shipping!

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Microsoft Boss Confirms We Won’t See Xbox Games On Android Or iOS


Microsoft announced earlier this week that it is bringing the PC classic Age of Empires to Android and iOS, and that sparked speculation that the software giant may be into porting Xbox games over, too. But don’t get your hopes up, because Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that it’s not going to happen.Microsoft Boss Confirms We Won’t See Xbox Games On Android Or iOS

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Microsoft Bringing Age Of Empires To Android & iOS


Microsoft has teamed up with Japanese development studio KLab to bring its 1997 classic Age of Empires to Android and iOS. Microsoft is hoping the real-time strategy simulator will capture some of the success of the growing mobile game market, which is currently luring gamers away from traditional handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita.

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Android & iOS Games See Increased Revenue While Handheld Consoles Suffer


Handheld games consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PlayStation Vita have long been suffering at the hands of smartphones and tablets. But the latest data from IDC and App Annie should give handheld game developers — including Nintendo — something to really think about.

While consumer spending on Android and iOS continued to rise during the first quarter of 2013, it fell considerably on handhelds.

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Nintendo On Your iPhone And Adobe Goes Rental On Our All-New CultCast

Cultcast iPad Mini new logo

This week on The CultCast: Adobe goes rental, Bill Gates gets crazy, Nintendo doesn’t come to the iPhone, 5S begins productio, Buster gets hit on by a goat, and the other fun Apple stories from the week. Baaaah!

All that and more on this week’s CultCast! Stream or download new and past episodes on your Mac or iDevice by subscribing now in iTunes, or hit play below and let the good times roll.

Click through for the show notes!

Cultcast 71 post player imageNintendo On Your iPhone And Adobe Goes Rental On Our All-New CultCast

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