Video tribute shows why Satoru Iwata was Nintendo’s Steve Jobs


Satoru Iwata was Nintendo's not-so-secret weapon.
Photo: GameSpot

Last weekend, the gaming world lost one of its biggest innovators. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata was not only one of the most powerful names in gaming, but also among the best-loved.

In many ways, Iwata was Nintendo’s Steve Jobs. Brilliant and passionate, he took a beleaguered company with no clear idea of where it was going at the turn of the century, and helped transform it back into the powerhouse it had been 20 years earlier. Like Jobs, Iwata passed away as a result of cancer in his mid-fifties, after leading his company for just over a decade.

Check out the touching video below for a look back at Iwata’s legacy:

Nintendo’s not taking any chances with its mobile-game plans

Nintendo -- stamping on your hopes for an iOS port of Mario since 2007. Photo: Nintendo
Nintendo mascot Mario may be on his way to your iPhone Photo: Nintendo

Some comments from mobile-gaming platform DeNA chief Shintaro Asako suggest that Nintendo is taking a catch-all route when it starts bringing its beloved characters and properties to iOS and Android later this year.

Nintendo’s first five mobile offerings will all be in different genres to attract the maximum number of players across the board.

Nintendo’s next console could run… Android?


Details about Nintendo’s next-gen NX console won’t officially be shared by the company until 2016, but according to a new report coming out of Japan one thing we might be able to expect is for the NX hardware to run a version of Android.

The decision is said to be rooted in Nintendo’s desire to give developers increased flexibility in making content that can also be used on smartphones and tablets.

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