Nikon D5300 Ditches AA Filter, Adds Wi-Fi And GPS



Anti-aliasing filters are the new, uh, thing that’s not popular any more. Ever since Fujifilm redesigned it’s sensors so that they no longer need a blurry filter in front to smooth out jaggy moiré patterns, everyone has been jumping on the anti-anti-aliasing wagon (not to be confused with the AA wagon, which is where inveterate boozers go to reduce their own blur).

The latest of these is Nikon, which has taken the AA filter out of the new D5300.

Nikon AW1, The Waterproof, Interchangeable Lens Camera



The Nikon AW1 might look look as awesome as the Nikonos, Nikon’s previous waterproof camera (pictured below), but it is the first interchangeable-lens camera I can remember since that iconic design that can be taken underwater without a housing. And having tried out underwater photography with an iPhone and a blurry-lensed case this summer, I can totally see the appeal of doing it with a proper camera.

Make Your iPad More Versatile With The 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit [Deals]


CoM - Camera2

Tablets are pretty impressive, but they still can’t quite effectively replace a desktop or laptop computer. This Cult of Mac Deals offer makes your iPad that much more effective a replacement option.

This 3-in–1 adapter will help bridge the gap between tablet and fully functional computer. Most importantly, the 3-in–1 iPad adapter cuts out the middle man when uploading photos to your iPad, saving you a ton of time. And Cult of Mac Deals is offering this little device for only $19 – shipping included – so you can save a ton of money as well!