Apple passes on bid for NFL streaming rights


Apple TV won't be streaming football this year.
Apple TV won't be streaming football this year.
Photo: NFL

As it turns out, Apple is not ready for some football.

The iPhone-maker was expected to be among a number of tech giants bidding for the streaming rights to 18 regular season football games this year, but it appears the company has decided to pass on the option to bid, figuring it wouldn’t be a big enough draw for the Apple TV platform. 

Apple, other tech firms look to get exclusive with NFL


Apple's going head-to-head to secure streaming rights.
Apple's going head-to-head to secure streaming rights.
Photo: Nathan Shively / Unsplash

Thursday Night Football just got more competitive as Apple, Google, Amazon and Verizon are going head to head to take on the NFL’s highly lucrative sports franchise.

The U.S. football association announced that it was in “active discussions with prospective digital partners” for streaming rights to the same games, according to industry sources.

Microsoft Surface needs a timeout after another NFL letdown


Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 14.04.37
This was one time Apple's probably glad the Surface wasn't mistakenly called the iPad.
Photo: CBS

After making the mistake of repeatedly referring to the Microsoft Surface as an iPad, announcers finally got the right name for the NFL’s sponsor tablet… only for this to be the occasion on which the device stopped working on live TV.

The incident took place during Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots, resulting in the kind of negative publicity Microsoft surely never dreamed its $400 million sponsorship would lead to.

NFL player hands out Apple Watches to his teammates


Get your Apple Watch ready for the new iPhone.
A gift worth taking a tackle for.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Quarterbacks and running backs will often reward their offensive linemen with gifts, but veteran NFL Baltimore Ravens punter Sam Koch recently gave out a particularly welcome high-tech pressie to his teammates — when he handed out Apple Watches.

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