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If The Doctor Used Headphones, They Would Be The Brilliant Parrot Ziks [Review]


The Starck-designed Parrot Zik.

It has the technological sophistication of a sonic screwdriver. Its design elements look as if pulled straight out of another dimension. And there may not be another set of headphones on this planet — or any other — baked with as many ingredients as the Parrot Zik.

But we were curious — would all this tech work? And how would the Ziks sound? So we poked them with a stick, and here’s what we discovered. Allons-y!

Zik by Parrot
Category: Bluetooth Headphones, Circumaural
Works With: Phones, MP3 players
Price: $399

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Sony Planning 20.2MP Camera Attachment For Smartphones [Rumor]


Do you ever wish you had a better camera in your smartphone? Well, before you upgrade to a hideous Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, you might want to take a look at the blurry picture above. It’s an accessory that Sony is rumored to be working on that’ll help you take incredible pictures with your smartphone.

It’s not just a fancy clip-on lens; it’s actually a 20.2-megapixel Exmor RS camera with a Carl Zeiss lens that uses your smartphone’s display as its viewfinder.

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Panasonic GF6 Talks To Your Phone With Wi-Fi And NFC


Panasonic’s new GF6 Micro Four Thirds camera has two new gimmicks: NFC and Wi-Fi, with the latter acting as a fast way to set up a Wi-Fi connection between the camera and an NFC-enabled phone.

Along with this it brings a new 16MP sensor, fast startup and the promise of great low light performance. Let’s take a look.

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The iPhone 5S Will Have A Fingerprint Sensor And NFC [Rumor]


Even though the iPhone 5S will probably look a lot like the iPhone 5, that doesn’t mean it won’t have some cool new features.

A new rumor claims that the iPhone 5S will have both an NFC chip along with a fingerprint sensor, and that they will work in tandem to authorize easy transactions.

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Samsung’s At It Again, Announces Passbook Clone Called Wallet [MWC 2013]


mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS — During a Samsung developer conference here at Mobile World Congress this morning, the Korean company unveiled a new service called Samsung Wallet, which lets Samsung smartphone owners turn tickets, coupons, membership cards, boarding passes, and more into digital cards that they can store in a virtual wallet.

The service probably sounds familiar, and it is — Samsung Wallet is basically Apple’s Passbook, but for Samsung phones. It works in almost exactly the same way, and looks very similar, too.

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Jabra Unveils New Motion-Sensing Bluetooth Headset With NFC


Like the Plantronics Voyager Legend we reviewed a few months ago, Jabra’s new folding-boom Motion series incorporates motion sensors — so they can do things like automatically answer calls when you place the headset to your ear, and even automatically adjust the volume.

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Passbook Passes Now Support NFC… If You Use Them On Android


PassWallet, an app that allows Android devices to use passes created for Apple’s Passbook service, has been updated to add supper for NFC. Users can now “beam and redeem” all kinds of passes if they have a supported handset, something Apple’s iOS devices — which don’t support NFC — cannot do.

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Samsung Bashes iPhone’s Business Abilities In New Galaxy Commercial [Video]


Apple has made the iPhone more enterprise-friendly with almost every release of iOS, but some might say the company’s popular smartphone still isn’t ideal for business. When I say “some,” I mean Samsung. The Korean company just released a strange new advert to promote the enterprise features of its Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, and it couldn’t help but bash the iPhone and even BlackBerry devices at the same time.

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The iPhone 5S Will Have A Fingerprint Sensor And Launch In June [Analyst]


There have been all sorts of crazy rumors about the iPhone 5S. Some have said it might launch in June. It could have NFC built-in with a ‘Super HD’ camera. There might even be multiple iPhone colors for you to choose from.

If you want high-tech security in your iPhone, then maybe this new rumor will get you excited. According to one analyst, the next iPhone will be rocking a built-in fingerprint sensor, and it’s going to debut alongside a cheaper iPhone model.

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Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki Explains Why He’s A Diehard Android User

Former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki Explains Why He’s A Diehard Android User

Guy Kawasaki was one of the Apple employees behind the legendary marketing of its 1984 Macintosh, and he’s well known among the Apple community for being a former evangelist of the Cupertino company. You might think, then, that when Kawasaki’s phone rings, it’s an iPhone he pulls out of his pocket.

Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. Kawasaki’s a diehard Android fan, and he has been for about a year. He no longer uses any iOS products at all — not even an iPad.

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