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ICYMI: iOS 8 tips and more stuff we love

Cover design: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Cover design: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

All Cult of Mac’s top news stories and features, compiled in one place to peruse easily on your iPad or iPhone. This week we’ve got all you need to know about iOS 8’s widgets and Family Sharing, some neat ways to stream movies and TV shows to your iOS device, and some great features on high-end wrappers for your Apple gadgets as well as the 12 best games on all important gaming platforms.

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Gadget Watch Apr 17 2014

Each week we pull the best Apple-related gadgets from the Cult of Mac and collect them here for your perusing pleasure.

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Gadget Watch Apr 10 2014

Each week we pull the best Apple-related gadgets from the Cult of Mac and collect them here for your perusing pleasure.

Luxi, The Little Light Meter For the iPhone

Luxi, The Little Light Meter For the iPhone
The little Luxi turns your iPhone’s front camera into a light meter. A what? A light meter, a device that measures the amount of light falling on a subject so that you can set the exposure correctly on your camera.

But wait, doesn’t you camera already set its own exposure? Doesn’t it have a light meter built in for when i want to kick it old school in manual mode? Yes and yes, but this $30 widget might still be handy.

Buy it $30

COVR Photo Case Lets You Shoot Around Corners

COVR Photo Case Lets You Shoot Around Corners
Ever wanted to take photos of people without them knowing? Perhaps a sneaky shot of a pretty girl to help you “remember” her later, or some equally creepy bit of deceit? Well then, we have good news for you, you pervert: it’s the COVR Photo, an iPhone case which lets you shoot in secret.

The COVR has a little prism stuck on the back, and when want to use it you slide it into place. Now you can hold your iPhone like a TV remote and shoot whatever is in front of you while looking down at your iPhone’s screen.

Buy it $75

The New Das Keyboard Looks So Cool Your Desk Will Feel Ashamed Of Itself

The New Das Keyboard Looks So Cool Your Desk Will Feel Ashamed Of Itself
Here’s the Das Keyboard 4, possibly the most bad-ass clacky keyboard in existence. No keycap markings, USB 3.0, Cherry MX switches and a huge knob. All that plus Das’s trademark feature: it’s as big as a boat. A “Das Boat” if you will.

You know how when you leave a pack of cookies open instead of sealing them in an airtight jar? They still taste the same, but they get all mushy: the satisfying snap has gone out of them. That’s how I feel now when I use even Apple’s excellent keyboards. They’re mushy compared to my clackety Filco keyboard.

Buy it $169
Elgato Thunderbolt Dock Great For Podcasters, Video Pros

Elgato Thunderbolt Dock Great For Podcasters, Video Pros

Elgato’s Thunderbolt Dock has a few unique features that are appropriate for a company that makes video accessories for Apple devices. First, there’s an HDMI port around back, and second, the USB ports put out enough juice to charge your iPad at a decent speed.

Buy it $230

Pad&Quill Traveler Case Looks Like It Feels As Good As It Looks

Pad&Quill Traveler Case Looks Like It Feels As Good As It Looks
Pad&Quill is at it again, this time with a low-profile rear-shell style case for the iPhone 5/S. While calling anything from Brian Holmes’s P&Q “minimal” would be a stretch, the Traveler Case gets pretty close. It is also gorgeous to look at, and would surely be just as lovely for the hands. It looks like the kind of case you couldn’t stop fingering.

Buy it $80

Baron Fig Confidant Is The Best Paper Notebook I’ve Used [Review]

Baron Fig Confidant Is The Best Paper Notebook I’ve Used
The Confidant is a 192-page notebook, packed with blank, ruled or dot-grid paper. It opens flat, has its own cotton bookmarker, is covered in pale gray fabric and has neat, extra-wide pages.

There are also 12 perforated pages at the back of the book so you can tear them out without ruining the binding. My copy doesn’t have these, so maybe I have a beta version.

Buy it $16

Review Roundup — Luxury iPhone Cases

This week in Review Roundup we look at luxury leathery book-a-like iPhone cases. All three are made to last, with real leather or bookbindery covers. Two are ultra tough, one is a little more low-profile, and all three will probably last you forever. But which one is best?

The Candidates

Pad & Quill’s Luxury Pocket Book, a wood-framed, leather covered wallet case with space for some cash.

Davarg’s Kanam is a simple wraparound flap of leather with a (somewhat reusable) sticky pad that glues the iPhone into place. It’s less bulky than the other two, and very nice looking.

Meison Morgan’s Handmade Case is a lot like the Luxury Pocket Book, only it has a bookbindery cover instead of leather.

Let the contest begin:

Meison Morgan’s Handmade iPhone 5s Case Is A Beauty 


Meison Morgan by Meison Morgan
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s
Price: €30/$46

Manufactured in Greece using the same bookbinding process that traditional notebook makers use, this case offers not only good looks, but also all-round protection that promises to withstand the test of time.

It’s available in black and denim (blue), and it’s super affordable at €30 ($46).

On the whole, the Meison Morgan is a fantastic iPhone case that looks great and offers plenty of protection. It’s also relatively inexpensive at €30. But the experience is marred somewhat by a couple of issues that could so easily be fixed.

If its makers can iron out those problems, then I’d have no reservations about recommending this case.

Buy it $46

P&Q Luxury Pocket Book Is The iPhone Wallet Of Kings


Luxury Pocket Book byPad&Quill
Category: cases
Works With:iPhone 5/S
Price: $85

The Luxury Pocket Book is a leather-bound book with a Baltic beechwood insert, a leather lining and slots inside the front cover for credit cards and cash (bills, not coins). It has cutouts for all your ports and buttons, plus a hole in the back for the camera and flash.

Lastly, there’s an elastic strap to hold it closed, just like on a Moleskine notebook.

Buy it $85

Like Fine Wine, Davarg’s Case Will Only Get Better With Age 

Like Fine Wine, Davarg’s Lovely Leather Case Will Get Lovelier With Age

Kanam by Davarg
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $45

The Kanam is a book-like wraparound cover which protects the back, the front and one edge. Unlike the SurfacePad, the Kanam protects the right edge, opening backwards (or forwards if you’re one of those manga weirdos). This leaves the mute and volume switches free to be used. There’s also a small cutout over the phone speaker so you can talk with the case closed and still hear the conversation.

The iPhone 5 itself is held in place with a sticky, reusable adhesive pad. You just clean the back of the phone, peel off the protective waxed sheet (setting it aside in case you ever need to take the iPhone out of this case) and stick. It holds just fine.

Buy it $52

The winner? The Pad&Quill Luxury Pocket Book. Why? It’s expensive, but it’s made to last. The Meison Case is already falling apart in our review, and the Davarg is bulky without adding any extra features. The P&Q case wins for a combination of craftsmanship and clever design.

iBeacons Now Let You Read Free Coffee-Shop Newspapers And Magazines On Your iPad


An iBeacon next to a cup of tea.

You know how you walk into a coffee shop or bar, order a refreshing beverage and then grab a newspaper or magazine to read? Now, thanks to Apple’s iBeacons, you can do the exact same thing, only you can peruse the provided periodicals on your iPad or iPhone.

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iOS 7 Bug Lets You Hide Apple’s Annoying Default Apps [Video]

iOS 7 Bug Lets You Hide Apple’s Annoying Default Apps [Video]

iOS 7 finally lets you put the Newsstand app in a folder. To some that alone is reason enough to celebrate, but there’s also an awesome little bug that lets you hide all of Apple’s other annoying default apps that take up screen real-estate – we’re looking at you Stocks.

For the hack to work, you have to set up one of your iPhone’s pages with a full screen of apps. You’ll also need one folder on that page, and you should place the app(s) that you want to hide in your dock. Once you’re ready, tap and hold on the app you want to disappear, then hit the homebutton twice to bring your app switcher, then go back your homescreen and you’ll notice the app you want to delete is abnormally large. Tap your extra folder on the screen while all the apps are jiggling, and then press your homebutton and viola! the app is gone.

The process sounds a little convoluted, but it’s actually very simple. To make things easier, our friend Dom from AppAdvice made the video tutorial above. Best of all though is that once you magic an app into oblivion you can still access it via the finder search.

Serious Eats Hits The iOS Newsstand


Y’all know Serious Eats, right? It’s the one place on the Internet where you can go to be entertained, educated and properly fed. I’m a fan of cooking, but I generally avoid recipes on the web because it’s hard to gauge their quality until it’s too late. Serious Eats is solid every single time.

And now there’s a Newsstand magazine, and — again — it stands out above the rest.

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Time Inc. Now Lets You Try Its Newsstand Titles Before You Buy Them


From today, Time Inc. is allowing Newsstand users to try its digital magazines before they buy them. You’ll be able to read a handful of articles from its latest magazines in full — as well as teasers for others — before you hand over any cash.

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iOS 7 Glitch Lets You Put Apps Inside Newsstand


Not only can you finally put Newsstand in a folder in iOS 7, but a newly discovered glitch also makes it possible for users to place apps inside Newsstand.

Dom Esposito at App Advice discovered the new glitch this morning which makes for a great way to hide the default apps you never use. To get an app inside Newsstand, simply press and hold an app icon till it wiggles, then drag it above the Newsstand icon, after a second or so Newsstand will blink and you can drop  app down into the Newsstand folder.

The only way to get apps out of Newsstand afteward is to either delete them, or reboot your iPhone.

Here’s a GIF of how it works:

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iOS 7 Reminds Us To Be Careful What We Wish For


It’s our own fault. We all asked Apple to dramatically change the look and feel of the iOS operating system, which, until yesterday, remained largely unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone back in 2007. And we all complained when it didn’t do that with iOS 6 this time last year.

But I can’t help but feel the Cupertino company is now punishing us for all those requests, and all that complaining we did before about its skeuomorphic designs.

When it comes to design, iOS 7 is vastly different to its predecessors. It still functions in much the same way — though there are some new features you’ll need to get used to — but it looks completely different. As soon as you power it up for the first time the minimalistic feel is staring back at you, but it isn’t until you’ve completed the setup process and arrived at your home screen that you want to vomit in your own lap.

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