Cult of Mac Magazine: Inside Apple’s secret design studio, best Mac games of 2015, and more


Get a glimpse behind the iron curtain with this week's Cult of Mac Magazine.
Get a glimpse behind the iron curtain with this week's Cult of Mac Magazine.
Cover design: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Happy holidays, everyone! No matter what you celebrate (or don’t), we’ve got a ton of great stuff in the latest issue of Cult of Mac Magazine, right here for you.

There’s a sneak peek inside Apple’s secret design studio to start you off, plus the best games for your Mac from 2015, a deep dive on what the management shake-up means for you, how to maximize your MacBook trade-in, a look at new Siri-style voice technologies coming down the pike, and a bunch of how-tos and tips to keep you rocking all the way through your season.

Here’s the rundown this week:

Set up your iOS 9 News feed (and subscribe to Cult of Mac)


Apple News app helps you curate your own special news diet.
Apple News app helps you curate your own special news diet.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

The latest trend in news consumption is curation. Apple News — replacement for the earlier, less-than-successful Newsstand — does just that. It may not be the first app to repackage the web for easy reading (looking at you, Flipboard), nor maybe even the best, but chances are it’s already on everyone’s iOS 9 iPhone or iPad, making it a clear winner for mindshare.

News is pretty fantastic, as it allows you to customize and set up the News channels and outlets you want to check on regularly without having to rely on any specific outlet for updates. News pulls from your favorite websites RSS feeds and repackages it all in an intuitive, newspaper and magazine-like format for easy browsing and reading.

Let’s take a look at how to set it up and use the iOS 9 News app to your best advantage.

Cult of Mac Magazine: Inside Apple’s new iMacs and Magic peripherals


Even more magic than you expected, right?
Even more magic than you expected, right?
Cover Design: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

Happy weekend, everyone! We’ve got another insane issue of Cult of Mac Magazine for you this week, full of details on Apple’s new iMac, Magic peripherals, the best updates in iWork’s new update, fresh how-tos, product reviews, and a sad goodbye to one of Apple’s ultimate fans.

All this (and plenty more!) in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine – be sure to download your own copy of our fantastic app today.

Here’s the latest top stories for this week.

Cult of Mac Magazine: Why you need iOS 9 right now


More iOS 9 news and reviews than you can handle!
More iOS 9 news and reviews than you can handle!
Cover: Stephen Smith/Cult of Mac

We’re excited about all the cool new “whiz-bang” features in iOS 9 as well as the hundreds of tiny little improvements that will make your iPhone and iPad much better to use.

This week, we’re sharing that joy with you as we take a deep dive into iOS 9’s killer new features, how to upgrade the right way, an abundance of tiny tricks you need to know, and some of the best apps already rocking iOS 9.

Take a look at Cult of Mac Magazine to fill your head with all this great content.

Facebook’s breaking news app sounds a lot like Twitter


Facebook's alleged breaking news app would send out bite-sized alerts similar to tweets.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Facebook is working on a breaking news app that would deliver news outside of the main Facebook app, according to a report. The app would ask users to pick out publications and topics that interest them, then it would broadcast bite-sized news alerts when new articles get published.

Publications that get on board would be able to send out instant notifications to all of its followers for the latest news. They’re allowed 100 characters of text and a link to the news article. Sounds pretty much like a tweet, right?

Twitter working to repair relationships with devs



Twitter managed to create a swarm of disgruntled developers over the past few years. It worked tirelessly to break down many of the third-party apps that made the social network successful. Now, as Twitter discovers what it really is as a service, it’s working to repair relationships with developers and elevate the platform. This ought to be a win-win for everyone.

Publishers criticize Apple for ‘completely crazy’ News app email


Publishers are frustrated with Apple's hasty attempt to lock them in to the forthcoming News app's terms and conditions.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s iOS 9 News app hasn’t even seen the light of day yet, but publishers are already heavily discontent with the email Apple sent out to them regarding its terms and conditions. The email essentially tells publishers what they’re agreeing to by opting in to the News app and assumes they agree unless they explicitly state otherwise.

Even if publishers don’t like the terms and conditions Apple lays out, Apple is basically forcing their hands unless they later specify that they don’t agree. In that case, of course, they also don’t get to be a part of the News app. The terms and conditions themselves don’t entirely appear to be causing the uproar, but rather the odd presumption that all the publishers are automatically willing to participate even in total silence.

WikiLinks 3 app makes Wikipedia even more of a mind-expanding time suck


Wikilinks 3
Prepare to get even more lost in Wikipedia.
Photo: Wikilinks

If you’ve ever hopped onto Wikipedia just to “look one thing up really quick” and then come to an hour later with a comprehensive knowledge of the various forms of lightsaber combat, WikiLinks 3 might very well be your Kryptonite.

And even if you’re not the type to fall into a Wiki-hole of cross-references and endless chains of links, it’s still a cool app that offers an interesting way to get lost on the Internet.

Hit list: All the apps and services Apple tried to kill at WWDC 2015


Tim Cook WWDC 2015
Apple's had some bold words for its competitors today.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

Once again, Apple has shown its desire to be your go-to for everything you do in your life.

During its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote this morning, the iPhone maker talked up software updates, services and new functionalities aimed at making several of its competitors’ offerings redundant.

Here are the things Apple’s trying to take out with new stuff at WWDC 2015.