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Screeshot Journal Is Like iPhoto For Your iOS Screenshots

IMG 1705

The world's greatest screenshot

Screenshot Journal was created “with iOS designers and developers in mind,” but it is useful for anyone who takes a lot of screenshots. For instance — and I’ll pick a completely random example here — tech bloggers.

The (universal) app does one thing: gather all the screenshots from your camera roll and organize them for your viewing pleasure.

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DIY Grid Spot For All You Flash Photographers Out There

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This DIY grid spot looks as professional as a store bought one. Photo Jeff Vier (CC BY-SA 2.0)

On of the funnest* things you can do with off-camera flash is to modify the light. This might mean squirting it through a “snoot” (some kind of tube or cone which focuses the light into a tight beam), reflecting it from a colored, uh, reflector, or firing it through a giant soft-box.

Or you can use a grid spot, an excellent tool for pointing your light at one single spot, far away, with a sharp fall-off into shadows at the edges. Sound expensive? It can be, unless you steal some drinking straws from your local fast food emporium and follow along with this how-to.

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Use Your iPhone Camera To Make Interactive 3-D Models Of Real Objects

Arqball Spin is a curious mix of hardware and software, with a very niche but very cool purpose: to create interactive 3-D photos. By combining an iOS app with a hardware turntable, Arqball is able to “film” a spinning object and then render it as a touchable 3-D model which can be spun using your fingers.

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645 Pro Takes The Best iPhone Photos You Have Ever Seen [Review]

645 Pro bills itself as an app which will turn your iPhone into a DSLR. At first glance, it seems like this has been achieved by mimicking the buttons and LCD panel of a modern SLR, and to an extent that’s true. But the real meat here is under the hood: 645 Pro shoots uncompressed JPEGs and TIFFs, and gives the closest that we’re likely to see to RAW images from the iPhone’s camera.

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Samsung’s New NX Cameras Also Have Built-In Wi-Fi


With Wi-Fi inside, Samsung's new NX cameras are almost as good as cellphones

Speaking of Wi-Fi connected cameras, Samsung’s entire new range of NX mirrorless cameras has Wi-Fi inside. This is an improvement on Nikon’s new D3200 – also announced today – which requires an awkward dongle to do the same trick.

There are three new models, the NX20 and NX210, which replace last-year’s NX10 and NX200. There is also the brand-new entry level NX1000. All share the same 20MP sensor as the old NX200.

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Apple Upgrading Site Images For iPad Retina Display

Retina 120313

Apple is retina-izing its web graphics

Apple is quietly and diligently working behind the scenes to make sure its website looks great on the new hi-res iPads which will begin to drop onto our doormats this weekend. To get ready for the never-seen-before ten-inch retina display, Apple is swapping in higher resolution graphics.

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Zite Follows Competition, Launches iPhone Reader

Zite Follows Competition, Launches iPhone Reader

News aggregators designed to give you maximum reading pleasure on the iPad’s 9-inch screen are scaling down for iPhones. Case in point: Zite just launched a version providing all the news that’s fit to scroll on your iPhone.

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