Analyze And Troubleshoot Your Wi-Fi Network With NetSpot Pro [Deals]


Having dead Wi-Fi zones in your apartment or office is a huge inconvenience for all. NetSpot Pro is the answer to all these problems.

NetSpot Pro lets you visualize, optimize and troubleshoot your wireless networks using any MacBook so you can stay connected at all times, never missing a beat, a post or an important email. And Cult of Mac Deals has NetSpot Pro for just $29!

Ending Soon: Get 9 Powerful Mac Apps With The iStack Mac Bundle 3.0 [Deals]


Com - iStack3

Whenever you’re able to load up your Mac with a slew of useful apps, it’s something you should take advantage of – and this Cult of Mac Deals offer is no exception.

Right now you can get $517 worth of Mac apps for just $29.99 with The iStack Mac Bundle 3.0. That’s 9 powerful Mac apps to add to your digital toolbox for a fraction of what it would cost to be them on their own.