Apple Prime? Here’s why it might be a great idea


Would an Amazon Prime-style service work for Apple?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple should take a note out of Jeff Bezos’ playbook and launch an Amazon Prime-style subscription service, claims an analyst for Goldman Sachs.

“We think Apple should launch a subscription bundle as a way to reinforce iPhone loyalty and leverage it into content,” Simona Jankowski writes in a new note to clients. In the brief, Jankowski and colleagues ponder the potential of a $50 monthly subscription that would get customers the latest iPhone plus other services like Apple TV, Apple Music and freemium access to the iTunes library.

Access a massive media library for pennies a day [Deals]

Get a year of access to the largest library of streaming content in the world.
Get a year of access to the largest library of streaming content in the world.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Even the best streaming services can be a crapshoot when it comes to our favorite shows — one day they’re there, the next day they aren’t. Aren’t Netflix and Hulu supposed to have the biggest, most formidable libraries of content? Not exactly.

SelectTV by FreeCast boasts the world’s largest entertainment library, bringing the perks of both cable TV and web streaming, effectively dwarfing any competitor’s library. The same can’t be said of the price, though, because right now you can get a year of SelectTV for just $19 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Hulu is killing free streaming


No more free streaming.
No more free streaming.
Photo: Hulu

Getting your weekly fix of new TV shows from Hulu is about to get more expensive, as the streaming video service plans to phase out its free tier that was supported with ad revenue.

After letting users watch thousands of episodes for free since it launched nine years ago, Hulu has partnered with Yahoo to offer up its content for a new service called Yahoo View, an ad-supported service that will give viewers the ability to watch the five most recent episodes of shows from ABC, NBC and Fox.